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University of Kansas
Anonymous | Posted: 23 Feb 2001 | Updated: 23 Feb 2001

PROVO -- In the second game of a three-game road trip, the University of Kansas slipped by BYU, 4-3, on Friday afternoon in Lawrence, Kansas.

In singles, the teams split the points, each winning three. But, in doubles, Kansas won two of the three matches to take the point and the victory. Still without BYU's No. 2 player, Brooke Ferney, the Cougars struggled in singles, losing in the top three spots. In the fourth, fifth and sixth spots however, BYU's Lindsay Ferrell, Liza Khoudoiarova and Elyse Jensen each won their matches.

"We fought hard," said BYU coach Craig Manning. "Jodi played well, Nikki (Dominique Reynolds) fought hard as always. It was some good tennis."

Ferney's absence may have also affected the doubles play, where BYU lost for the first time this year at the No. 1 spot. Richardson, who normally teams with Ferney, teamed with Lu Oswald. They won their match against Kansas State on Thursday, but couldn't pull out the victory against Kansas, losing to Courtney and Kristy Steinbock, 8-2.

BYU will play No. 6 Notre Dame on Saturday afternoon, also in Lawrence, Kansas.


Kansas 4 BYU 3


#1 Monica Seculove def. Jodi Richardson 6-2, 7-6, (8-6) Kansas

#2 Cheryl Mallaiah def. Dominique Reynolds 7-6, 6-1, (9-7) Kansas

#3 Courtney Steinbock def. Lu Oswald 7-5, 6-1 Kansas

#4 Lindsay Ferrell def. Lisa Mallaiah 7-5, 6-2 BYU

#5 Elizaveta Khoudoiarova def. Kristy Wagoner 6-2, 2-6,(10-7) BYU

#6 Elyse Jensen def. Emily Haylock 6-1, 3-6,(10-5) BYU


#1 C. Steinbock/K. Steinbock def. Richardson/Oswald 8-2 Kansas

#2 Reynolds/Khoudoiarova def Seculove/Mallaiah 8-5 BYU

#3 Haylock/Lorenz def. Ferrell/Jensen 8-6 Kansas