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Weekly press briefing--Idaho State

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The following comments are from head coach Bronco Mendenhall's Monday post-practice press briefing; including comments from junior offensive lineman De'Ondre Wesley and senior safety Daniel Sorensen.

Head coach Bronco Mendenhall:
Opening comments:
I was disappointed with our loss, it was a huge opportunity missed. It's a hard one to shake off, not only for myself but for the team as well. I thought that they had one drive more on offense and we gave up one too many on defense. I'm looking forward to helping the team continue to grow and develop and to finish strong. 

Looking at the film, what did you learn most from the game?
We played really well when everyone did exactly what they needed to do assignment wise. When Wisconsin moved the ball or when we didn't have success moving the ball, it was when we had assignment errors. They were more consistent and more sound throughout the whole game; enough for a 10-point margin of victory. I thought the offensive line played well and Wisconsin really challenged our outside by stacking a number of players inside. Cody Hoffman eventually broke through and had some significant catches and gains and a couple no-calls that could have really helped us. I thought that they challenged him and he eventually emerged. 

What were they doing to limit Taysom Hill on the ground so effectively?
Just numbers, more guys in the box than we had really seen. They got away with it for most of the game. 

How would you describe this senior class?
They are really talented, hardworking and they have accomplished a lot. I think what they are most anxious for is to have a great finish to this year. I think that there is a still a lot left that they can accomplish. I'm grateful that they came to BYU and they've really helped our program.

Junior offensive lineman De'Ondre Wesley:
Thoughts on the how the offense played on Saturday?
It could have been better. I feel that overall we played an okay game but we could have played better. Besides some minor mistakes, I feel that on a couple of plays if we would have gotten one or two blocks, we could have busted the game wide open. Reviewing tape, if we could have fixed a few minor mistakes, we could have scored a lot easier. 

Was it something that they were doing defensively?
Not particularly, I just felt that we were a step slow. I feel that we are just as good as them in everything but we just were a step slow. 

How will the team prepare for Idaho State?
We are not going to take them lightly; every opponent that we play has the potential to be a great team. We have to fix some things during practice and go through film and get some things fixed and get our plays and pass protection down. Going into this game, I feel like we will have some big plays and do some good things. 

Senior safety Daniel Sorensen:
How do you feel about the game this weekend?
It's frustrating. Today is the day where you take a look at everything that happened, you've got to try and let it go. 

What did you learn from the game this weekend?
There are mistakes, assignment errors and there is always more effort and things that you wish you could have done. That's what it was, it's just a couple mistakes on our part and sometimes that's hard to watch. I give credit to them, they are a great team but I think it was our play that really hurt us. 

Did the extra time on the field eventually wear the defense down and cause those mistakes?
Yeah definitely it does. I think it puts pressure on both of us. It puts pressure on the defense to get the offense the ball back with turnovers and field position. The time of possession, it was almost double, two-to-one. You can't say that the defense couldn't have contributed and helped out in that way. I think a lot of the burden and stress was on us and some of those long drives were 10-play, 12-play drives that chewed up six, seven minutes of the clock. That's tough and that puts pressure on the offense. They can't afford not to get a first down or move the ball. It puts a lot of pressure on both sides.

Injury update:
Spencer Hadley suffered an MCL injury and will be week-to-week. He will not play against Idaho State. Devin Mahina injured his adductor and is likely out this week. Ryker Mathews is dealing with a neck injury and is hopeful to be back for Notre Dame. Mitch Mathews suffered a shoulder injury that will require surgery. He is done for the season.

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