Credential Requests

To apply for media credentials, please fill out this form. Application does not guarantee a credential. More information on NFL/Pro scout credentials

All requests for media credentials to cover BYU football should be sent from the editor or sports director via official company communication. Credentials shall be issued only to accredited newsgathering media outlets. All credential requests should be received no later than one week prior to the date of the game to ensure consideration. Freelance and amateur photographers not on assignment from a credentialed media outlet are not eligible for credentials. Credentials for working media are restricted in accordance with BYU and NCAA guidelines.  Credential terms and conditions are detailed below.

Credential Use Terms & Conditions


By accepting or using a media credential for access to any athletic contest sponsored or hosted by Brigham Young University (the "Credential"), the individual working for a legitimate news organization or an authorized provider of game-related services (the individual and the assigning entity, collectively, the “Bearer”) acknowledges receipt of, and agrees to be bound by, (i) this Notice of Credential Use Terms & Conditions and (ii) the Game-Day Media Policies & Procedures provided in-stadium and available at 

The Credential is issued for the sole purpose of providing venue access to the Bearer for legitimate news and game-related services assignments in connection with the BYU Athletics contest, event or activity specified on the Credential and the related events, activities and interviews (collectively, the “Event”). The Bearer agrees to provide photo identification upon request by an authorized representative of Brigham Young University. The Credential is non-transferable, and any unauthorized use of the Credential or violation of its terms may subject the Bearer (including other individuals working for the same organization and the organization itself) and all unauthorized users to immediate ejection from the venue, revocation of the Credential, denial of access to BYU Athletics venues and events in the future, prosecution or civil or criminal trespass, and any other remedies available under law.

Unless expressly authorized in writing by BYU Athletics and BYU Licensing, the use, distribution, exhibition, reproduction, adaptation, display, performance or publication in any form of any video, photograph, drawing, account or description of the Event or any excerpt of the foregoing, taken or made by the Bearer shall be limited to news coverage of the Event by the assigning news organization to which the Credential is issued. The use of any work created or captured at the Event, including video content, still photographs or audio commentary, of any BYU coaches, student-athletes or facilities or other individuals or entities affiliated or associated with BYU in any way for commercial purposes of any kind, including the sale of video content or photographs and images in any form or format, is strictly prohibited, unless the Bearer obtains the prior written consent of BYU Athletics and BYU Licensing.

All ownership, copyright and property rights in the Event (including, without limitation, the statistics thereof) and in any telecast, broadcast, transmission or recording thereof, including via the Internet, shall remain the sole property of BYU Athletics, unless otherwise conveyed via separate written agreement between BYU and its broadcast partners, and no such rights are conferred or intended to be conferred or created on behalf of any other person or entity by the issuance of the Credential. Use, whether on the Internet or via any other medium, of any still photographs or video or audio content captured at the Event is limited to the conditions and uses outlined in this Notice of Credential Use Terms & Conditions and in the Game-Day Media Policies & Procedures, unless otherwise specified in a prior written agreement among BYU Athletics, BYU Licensing and the Bearer.

Any Bearer who is a freelance journalist, including but not limited to print writers, radio/television reporters and still photographers/video camera operators, on assignment from an assigning news organization, acknowledges and agrees that any work created at the Event is strictly limited to the specific news coverage of the Event by the assigning news organization and that any other use of any work created or captured by the Bearer at the Event, including but not limited to video content, still photographs or audio commentary, including the sale thereof, is strictly prohibited without prior written consent of BYU Athletics and BYU Licensing.

The Bearer of the Credential: (i) assumes all risk incident to the performance of services, assumes all risk incident to the Bearer’s attendance at the Event and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Brigham Young University, BYU Athletics, the conferences and affiliations to which BYU belongs, and all agents, BYU coaches, student-athletes and employees from and against all liability, loss, damage and/or expense resulting from or arising out of the Bearer’s presence at the venue, however caused, whether by negligence or otherwise; and (ii) grants permission to BYU Athletics and its designees to use without compensation the Bearer’s marks, images, likenesses and/or voices in any photograph or live or recorded video or audio display or other transmission or reproduction of the Event or in any excerpt thereof.

BYU Athletics may at any time revoke the Credential and/or any of the rights granted hereunder for any reason in its sole discretion. The Credential is the property of BYU and must be surrendered upon request.