Conference Awards

BYU has been a member of the WCC since 2012 and was previously a member of the MWC from 2000-11 and the WAC from 1964-99.

Player of the Year
2023 Austin Deming Sr. 3B WCC
2019 Brock Hale Sr. OF WCC
2005 Brandon Taylor Jr. INF MWC
2002 Dave Jensen So. INF MWC
1994 Ryan Hall Jr. DH WAC
1990 Gary Daniels Sr. OF WAC
1989 John DeSilva Jr. P WAC
1988 Mike Willes Sr. DH WAC
1987 Mike Willes Jr. DH WAC
1986 Gary Cooper Sr. OF WAC
Pitcher of the Year
2007 Jesse Craig Sr. RHP MWC
2003 Paul Jacinto Jr. RHP MWC
Defensive Player of the Year
2017 Daniel Schneemann Jr. INF WCC
Freshman of the Year
2021 Andrew Pintar INF WCC
2016 Keaton Kringlen OF WCC
2013 Jacob Hannemann OF WCC
2011 Jaycob Brugman OF MWC
2007 Steve Parker INF MWC
2000 Matt Carson OF MWC
1997 Jeff Stone LHP WAC
Coach of the Year
2019 Mike Littlewood WCC
2001 Vance Law MWC
1993 Gary Pullins WAC
1989 Gary Pullins WAC
1988 Gary Pullins WAC
Conference Tournament MVP
2002 Doug Jackson Jr. OF MWC
2001 Nate Fernley Sr. RHP MWC
1983 Jim Mecate Jr. OF WAC
1983 (Pitcher) Mark De La Torre Jr. RHP WAC
2021 Andrew Pintar 1st INF
  Mitch McIntyre 2nd OF
  Cole Gambill 2nd OF
  Reid McLaughlin HM RHP
  Carter Smith HM RHP
2019 Jackson Cluff 1st INF
  Brock Hale 1st OF
  Mitch McIntyre 2nd OF
  Easton Walker 2nd RHP
  Reid McLaughlin Freshman RHP
2018 Brock Hale 1st INF
  Jordan Wood 1st RHP
2017 Bronson Larsen 1st C
  Colton Shaver 1st INF
  Brennon Anderson 2nd INF
  Keaton Kringlen 2nd OF
2016 Brennon Lund 1st OF
  Michael Rucker 1st RHP
  Keaton Kringlen 2nd OF
  Colton Shaver 2nd DH
  Keaton Kringlen Freshman OF
  Daniel Schneemann Freshman INF
2015 Dillon Robinson 1st INF
  Hayden Nielsen 2nd INF
  Colton Shaver Freshman DH
2014 Brennon Lund 1st OF
  Dillon Robinson 1st INF
  Brennon Lund Freshman OF
2013 Jaycob Brugman 1st OF
  Jacob Hannemann 1st OF
  Adam Law 1st INF
  Brock Whitney 1st INF
  Jacob Hannemann Freshman OF
  Hayden Nielsen Freshman INF
2012 Kelton Caldwell 1st OF
  Tanner Chauncey Freshman INF
  Mason Marshall Freshman RHP
2011 Jaycob Brugman 1st OF
  Matthew Neil 2nd P
2010 Sean McNaughton 2nd OF
  Brandon Relf 2nd INF
  Kevin Sloan 2nd P
2009 Steve Parker 1st INF
  Kent Walton 1st DH
  Stetson Banks 2nd OF
  Jordan Muir 2nd P
  Blake Torgerson 2nd P
2008 Sean McNaughton 1st OF
  Kent Walton 2nd OF
2007 Jesse Craig 1st P
  Collin Fanning 2nd OF
  Apana Nakayama 2nd DH
2006 Ben Saylor 1st OF
  Jesse Craig 2nd P
  Kasey Ko 2nd DH
  Casey Nelson 2nd C
2005 Ryan Chambers 1st OF
  Jeff Hiestand 1st INF
  Dave Horlacher 1st P
  Ben Saylor 1st OF
  Brandon Taylor 1st INF
2004 Ryan Chambers 1st OF
  Paul Jacinto 1st P
2003 Paul Jacinto 1st P
  Doug Jackson 1st OF
  Ken Gravley 2nd P
  Ranger Wiens 2nd INF
2002 Matt Carson 1st OF
  Cameron Coughlan 1st DH
  Dave Jensen 1st INF
  Tyler Dabo 2nd P
  Doug Jackson 2nd OF
  Jeff Mouser 2nd P
2001 Matt Carson 1st OF
  Nate Fernley 1st P
  Doug Jackson 1st OF
  Kainoa Obrey 1st INF
  Shane Belliston 2nd OF
  Seth King 2nd INF
  Justin Su'a 2nd P
2000 Matt Carson 2nd OF
  Nick Day 2nd OF
  Seth King 2nd INF
1999 Ryan Pond 1st INF
  Gary Johnson 2nd OF
1998 Brian Winget 1st DH
  Troy McNaughton 2nd OF
  Ryan Pond 2nd INF
1997 D.G. Nelson 2nd DH
1996 Tyson DowDell 1st INF
  Brett McDermaid 1st P
1995 Leroy Brown 1st OF
  Scott Haws 1st P
  Brian Knoll 1st P
  Eric McDowell 1st INF
1994 Mike Espiritu 1st C
  Ryan Hall 1st DH
  Jorge Jaime 1st P
1993 Brian Banks 1st OF
  Dave Madsen 1st INF
  Brent Turley 1st INF
1992 Troy Hymas 1st OF
  Jonathan Lopez 1st INF
  Darren Milne 1st OF
  Brent Turley 1st INF
1991 Chris Cooper 1st INF
1990 Gary Daniels 1st OF
  Randy Wilstead 1st INF
1989 Burt Call 1st OF
  Paul Cluff 1st INF
  John DeSilva 1st P
  Brad Eagar 1st C
  Jeff Howes 1st INF
  Randy Wilstead 1st INF
1988 Paul Cluff 1st INF
  Mike Littlewood 1st INF
  Mike Willes 1st DH
1987 Brad Eager 1st C
  Carl Keliipuleole 1st P
  Mike Littlewood 1st INF
  Todd Newman 1st P
  Gary Schoonover 1st INF
  Ron Sisler 1st OF
  David Willes 1st INF
  Mike Willes 1st DH
1986 Gary Cooper 1st OF
  Dirk Thompson 1st DH
  David Willes 1st INF
1985 Mark Beavers 1st P
  Jeff Brown 1st OF
  Gary Cooper 1st OF
  Dave Morrow 1st C
  Craig Seegmiller 1st P
  Brett Varoz 1st INF
  Colby Ward 1st P
1984 Gary Cooper 1st OF
  Steve Eagar 1st C
  Nate Hyde 1st DH
  Cory Snyder 1st INF
1983 Wally Joyner 1st INF
  Scott Nielsen 1st P
  Cory Snyder 1st INF
1982 Scott DeLong 1st OF
  Wally Joyner 1st INF
  Cory Snyder 1st INF
1981 Mark Adamiak 1st INF
  Leon Baham 1st INF
  Steve Campbell 1st OF
  Kenny Clayton 1st INF
  Scott DeLong 1st OF
  Peter Kendrick 1st P
  Joe Whitmer 1st P
1980 Mark Adamiak 1st INF
  Dave Beck 1st P
  Jeff Burton 1st OF
  Ken Clayton 1st INF
  Cliff Pastornicky 1st INF
  Stan Younger 1st OF
1979 Bert Bradley 1st P
  Axle Hardy 1st P
  Cliff Pastornicky 1st INF
  Murphy Su'a 1st INF
  Marc Thomas 1st OF
  Lenny Tshuako 1st C
  Stan Younger 1st OF
1978 Cam Killebrew 1st OF
  Vance Law 1st INF
  Tom Morris 1st P
  Clyde Nelson 1st INF
  Kim Nelson 1st INF
  Rick Scrivner 1st C
  Marc Thomas 1st OF
  Don Valgardson 1st DH
1977 Rob Buchanan 1st INF
  Axle Hardy 1st P
  Kim Nelson 1st INF
  Len Tsuhako 1st C
  Mike Tucker 1st P
  Don Valgardson 1st DH
1976 Vance Law 1st INF
  Rob Millsop 1st P
  Jack Morris 1st P
  Mike Moss 1st C
  Kim Nelson 1st INF
  Steve Pollock 1st DH
  Park Romney 1st OF
1975 Doug Coon 1st INF
  Brad Hawkins 1st OF
  Dave Heid 1st OF
  Ron Hill 1st INF
  Rob Millsop 1st P
  Mike Moss 1st C
  Dave Nelson 1st P
  Steve Pollock 1st DH
1974 Dave Coon 1st DH
  Ron Hill 1st INF
  Lee Iorg 1st OF
  Reed Pew 1st INF
  Terry Sheehan 1st P
  Jim Talbot 1st OF
1973 Ron Hill 1st INF
  Craig Hunt 1st P
  Lee Iorg 1st OF
  Mike Moss 1st C
  Reed Pew 1st INF
  Mark Scoffield 1st INF
1972 Rod Cloward 1st C
  Jeff Dusek 1st P
  Gary Hatch 1st INF
  Lee Iorg 1st OF
  Mike Staffieri 1st INF
1971 Dick Belliston 1st INF
  Steve Easton 1st P
  Mike Folster 1st INF
  Dane Iorg 1st OF
  Mike Staffieri 1st INF
  Terry Stanford 1st OF
1970 Lee Berge 1st INF
  Jeff Dusek 1st P
  Richard Fairbanks 1st OF
  Doug Howard 1st INF
  Dane Iorg 1st OF
  Terry Sanford 1st C
1969 Ken Crosby 1st P
  Richard Fairbanks 1st OF
  Doug Howard 1st INF
  Mike Knosp 1st INF
  Richard Zinninger 1st P
1968 Dick Clark 1st C
  Steve Davis 1st INF
  Richard Fairbanks 1st OF
  Doug Howard 1st INF
  Gary Pullins 1st INF
  Larry Romney 1st OF
  Richard Zinninger 1st P
1967 Dick Clark 1st C
  Steve Davis 1st INF
  Jim Englehardt 1st P
  Dennis Lamb 1st INF
  Ken Nielson 1st OF
  Larry Romney 1st OF
1966 Tom Fife 1st C
1964 Roger Burt 1st OF
1962 Jim Armstrong 1st INF
  Gary Batchelor 1st INF
  Joe Beecroft 1st P
  John Christiansen 1st INF
  Frank Herbert 1st OF
  Bruce Samples 1st OF
  Bill Wright 1st OF
  Ron Hall 2nd INF
  Dave Matson 2nd C
1960 Roger Burt 1st OF
  Pete Marks 1st INF
  Bob Mosteller 1st P
  Jim Pierson 1st C
  Hugh McMillan 2nd INF
  Danny Moore 2nd INF
  Bob Noel 2nd P
1959 Jack Cravens 1st P
  Mac Madsen 1st OF
  Pete Marks 1st UTL
1957 Cornell Taylor 1st OF
  Owen Skousen 1st P
  Norm Christiansen 2nd INF
  Jack Cravens 2nd P
  Lynn Foster 2nd INF
  Leon Moyes 2nd OF
  Brent Pratley 2nd C
1955 Ralph Morgan 2nd OF
  Phil Oyler 2nd OF
  Tom Steinke 2nd INF
1954 Ray Lish 1st P
  Mick Eggertsen 2nd INF
  Ralph Morgan 2nd OF