Year Name Position Team Organization
2023 Austin Deming 3B 3rd Collegiate Baseball, NCBWA
2016 Michael Rucker RHP 3rd Collegiate Baseball, NCBWA
2007 Jesse Craig RHP 3rd Ping! Baseball
2006 Ben Saylor OF 3rd ABCA, Collegiate Baseball, NCBWA
2005 Brandon Taylor 3B 3rd Collegiate Baseball, NCBWA
2002 Dave Jensen 1B 3rd Collegiate Baseball
2001 Nate Fernley RHP 2nd Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball
1994 Ryan Hall DH 1st ABCA, Collegiate Baseball
1993 Brian Banks OF   ABCA, Baseball News
1990 Gary Daniels OF 3rd ABCA, Baseball America
  Randy Wilstead 1B    
1989 John DeSilva RHP 2nd Baseball America
  Randy Wilstead 1B 2nd ABCA
  Paul Cluff 2B    
1988 Mike Willes DH 1st ABCA
      2nd Baseball America
  Paul Cluff 2B 3rd ABCA
1987 Mike Willes UTL 1st ABCA
  Gary Schoonover SS 2nd ABCA
1986 Gary Cooper OF 1st ABCA
1985 Gary Cooper OF 1st ABCA
1984 Cory Snyder UTL 1st ABCA
1983 Wally Joyner 1B 2nd ABCA
  Scott Nielsen RHP 3rd ABCA
1982 Cory Snyder     Baseball News
  Scott Nielsen RHP 3rd ABCA
1981 Peter Kendrick LHP 2nd Baseball News
      3rd ABCA
1979 Murphy Su'a 3B 1st ABCA
  Marc Thomas OF 3rd ABCA
1978 Cam Killebrew DH 2nd ABCA
  Marc Thomas OF 2nd ABCA
1977 Kim Nelson 3B 2nd ABCA
1976 Kim Nelson 3B 3rd ABCA
1975 Mike Moss C 3rd ABCA
  Ron Hill 2B    
1974 Lee Iorg OF 1st ABCA
1971 Dane Iorg OF 1st ABCA
1970 Doug Howard 1B 1st ABCA
1969 Doug Howard 1B 2nd ABCA
  Richard Zinniger LHP 3rd ABCA
1967 Dennis Lamb 3B 3rd ABCA

Freshman All-Americans

Year Name Position Organization
2021 Andrew Pintar INF Collegiate Baseball
2019 Reid McLaughlin RHP Collegiate Baseball, Perfect Game
2018 Drew Zimmerman RHP Collegiate Baseball
2016 Keaton Kringlen OF Collegiate Baseball
2015 Colton Shaver DH Collegiate Baseball
2013 Jacob Hannemann OF Collegiate Baseball
2012 Mason Marshall RHP Collegiate Baseball
2011 Jaycob Brugman OF Collegiate Baseball
  Kolton Mahoney RHP Collegiate Baseball
  Desmond Poulson RHP Collegiate Baseball
2009 Marc Oslund RHP Ping!Baseball
2007 Steve Parker INF Collegiate Baseball
2006 Jordan Muir RHP Collegiate Baseball
2005 Sean McNaughton INF Collegiate Baseball
2001 Justin Su'a RHP Collegiate Baseball
2000 Matt Carson OF Collegiate Baseball
1999 Dave Jensen INF Collegiate Baseball
1997 Spencer Oborn OF Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball
  Jeff Stone LHP Collegiate Baseball
1996 Brett McDermaid RHP Collegiate Baseball
1995 Brad Winget INF Baseball America, Collegiate Baseball

Consensus All-Americans

Year Name Position
1994 Ryan Hall DH
1988 Mike Willes DH
1987 Mike Willes UTL
1986 Gary Cooper OF
1985 Gary Cooper OF
1984 Cory Snyder UTL
1979 Murphy Su'a 3B
1974 Lee Iorg OF
1971 Dane Iorg OF
1970 Doug Howard 1B

Note: Consensus All-Americans are those players selected highest and most often to All-America teams that are officially recognized by the NCAA for their respective positions