Feb 11 | 07:00 PM
2nd - 194.350
Brigham Young University
1st - 196.650
University of Utah
Anonymous | Posted: 11 Feb 2005 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Utes Slip By Cougars


PROVO -- Despite good performances and a great effort, the Utah Utes slipped by the BYU Cougars 194.350-196.650.

"This meet was scored about right," said head coach Brad Cattermole. "We got about what we deserved."

Though it was not the best night for the Utes either, they landed solid performances that kept them ahead the entire meet. Their vault (49.125), beam (48.90), and floor (49.25) scores were the third highest of the season, with the 49.375 score on beam was their second highest.

BYU's scores were among the lowest of the season. However, the Cougars had some shining moments. Senior Genevieve Claveau scored a season high 9.8 on bars. On vault Sierra Jacobs scored a new career high with 9.775 and on beam Candace Bauer tied a career high 9.650. The Cougars were on, but the night was full of small slip ups that kept them from scoring higher. Making her first career appearance, Cassie Myers performed on bars but suffered a fall.

On bars, the Utes had a great night. Katie Kivisto scored a career high 9.9, Ashley Postell tied a career high 9.8, and Rachel Tidd tied a season high 9.95. Their vault performances were just as good with Jessica Duke scoring a season high 9.775, and Nicolle Ford tying a season high 9.875.

The Utes managed to capture the top three places in all events. In the all-around competition, the Utes took the top for spots with BYU's Jaime Mabray coming in at fifth with a season low 38.60.

The Cougars are now 7-2 while the Utes move up to 6-0. The Cougars will finally return home next week for their second home meet of the season. They will take on Southern Utah again in the Smith Fieldhouse on Friday, February 11, at 7 pm. The meet will be broadcast on BYUTV.

Team Scores

Utah 196.650

BYU 194.350


1. Rachel Tidd (Utah) 39.375

2. Nicolle Ford (Utah) 39.325

3. Annabeth Eberle (Utah) 39.30

4. Ashley Postell (Utah) 39.275

5. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 38.60

Vault (Utah 49.125; BYU 48.975)

1. Nicolle Ford (Utah) 9.875

2. Rachel Tidd (Utah) 9.850

2. Ashely Postell (Utah) 9.850

4. Alethea Boon (BYU) 9.825

4. Kirsten Pauga (BYU) 9.825

6. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.800

7. Jessica Duke (Utah) 9.775

7. Annabeth Eberle (Utah) 9.775

7. Sierra Jacobs (Utah) 9.775

10. Dayna Smart (BYU) 9.750

11. Marie-Helene Claveau 9.700

12. Gritt HOmann (Utah) 9.225

Bars (Utah 49.375; BYU 48.600)

1. Rachel Tidd (Utah) 9.950

2. Katie Kivisto (Utah) 9.900

3. Annabeth Eberle (Utah) 9.850

3. Ashley Postell (Utah) 9.850

5. Dominique D'Oliveira (Utah) 9.825

5. Nicolle Ford (Utah) 9.825

7. Genevieve Claveau (BYU) 9.800

8. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.775

8. Kacie Capra (BYU) 9.775

10. Kylee Draper (BYU) 9.625

10. Candace Bauer (BYU) 9.625

12. Cassie Myers (BYU) 9.025

Beam (Utah 48.900; BYU 48.200)

1. Nicolle Ford (Utah) 9.850

2. Gabriella Onodi (Utah) 9.825

3. Annabeth Eberle (Utah) 9.775

4. Rachel Tidd (Utah) 9.750

4. Kacie Capra (BYU) 9.750

6. Kandis Kelly (BYU) 9.725

7. Ashely Postell (Utah) 9.700

8. Candace Bauer (BYU) 9.650

9. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 9.575

10. Genevieve Claveau (BYU) 9.500

11. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.175

12. Kristen Riffanacht (Utah) 9.125

Floor (Utah 49.250; BYU 48.575)

1. Annabeth Eberle (Utah) 9.900

2. Ashley Postell (Utah) 9.875

2. Gritt Hofmann (Utah) 9.875

4. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.850

5. Rachel Tidd (Utah) 9.825

6. Nicolle Ford (Utah) 9.775

7. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 9.750

8. Katie Kivisto (Utah) 9.725

9. Kirsten Pauga (BYU) 9.700

10. Genevieve Claveau (BYU) 9.675

11. Kacie Capra (BYU) 9.600

12. Sierra Jacobs (BYU) 9.575


Anonymous | Posted: 8 Feb 2005 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Cougars Prepare for Rival Utes


PROVO -- The BYU Cougars face their toughest meet of the season as they prepare to take on No. 1 ranked Utah Utes, this Friday, February 11, 2005, at 7 pm.

The Cougars are on a hot winning streak, losing only to Okalahoma University in their season opener at the Cancun Invitational. BYU is currently 7-1. At this time last season the Cougars were 4-3, proving that this year they are stronger and only getting better.

For the 2005 season, the Utes are 5-0, defeating schools such as UCLA, USU, and Michigan. The Utes have the upperhand in the series winning the last 15 meets between BYU and Utah. Despite this, the Cougars can't wait to try their skills against the Utes.

Last weekend in Denton, the Cougars achieved their highest overall team score of the season (196.125). The Utes highest score was a 197.375 against UCLA. Utah's average for the season is 196.290 meaning BYU is not too far behind.

The meet will be in the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City. A crowd of over 13,000 fans is expected to cheer the teams on. The game will be televised tape-delayed on KJZZ the next day (Saturday) at 5 p.m.