Jan 22 | 07:00 PM
1st - 195.025
Brigham Young University
2nd - 193.925
University of New Hampshire
Anonymous | Posted: 24 Jan 2005 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Cougars Tame Wildcats


PROVO -- Keeping the season strong, the Cougar gymnastics team beat the New Hampshire Wildcats Saturday in Durham, N.H., 195.025 to 193.925.

Though it was not their strongest meet, the Cougars pulled a solid performance. Wildcat Amanda Hall led the competition placing first in vault (9.900), bars (9.750), floor (9.975) and all-around (39.425). Hall broke into the UNH record books, earning fourth in the all-around. Jaime Mabray also tied for first on vault. Kandis Kelly was able to steal the first place spot on beam (9.875), followed by Marie-Helene Claveau (9.875) and Dayna Smart (9.800).

On bars, Genevieve Claveau and Kacie Capria tied for second with a 9.775. All-arounders Marie-Helene Claveau and Jamie Mabray led to Cougars on floor tying for second place with Wildcat Vanessa James (9.875).

Claveau statistically had one of her best meets. She posted her highest all-around score of the season (39.250) placing second. Freshman Alethea Boon only continues to improve with each meet, scoring a high 9.750 on vault. Also improving is Dayna Smart, who beat her career high on vault with a 9.800.

Vault continues to be the Cougars best event along with floor. The Cougars posted their highest combined vault score of the season against UNH (49.175).

The Cougars have this weekend off as they prepare to face USU on Tuesday, Feb. 1 in Logan Utah at 7 pm.

Team Results

BYU 195.025

New Hampshire 193.925

Individual Results


1. Amanda Hall (UNH) 39.425

2. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 39.250

3. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 38.700

4. Vanessa James (UNH) 38.675

Vault: (BYU 49.175; UNH 48.900)

1. Amanda Hall (UNH) 9.900

1. Jamie Mabray (BYU) 9.900

3. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 9.875

4. Kirsten Pauga (BYU) 9.850

5. Tara Phillips (UNH) 9.800

6. Vanessa James (UNH) 9.800

6. Dayna Smart (BYU) 9.800

8. Jennifer Jones (UNH) 9.750

8. Alethea Boon (BYU) 9.750

10. Zoe Magiros (UNH) 9.625

11. Sierra Jacobs (BYU) 9.200

12. Vanessa Berrios (UNH) 9.100

Uneven Bars: (BYU 48.025; UNH 47.600)

1. Amanda Hall (UNH) 9.800

2. Genevieve Claveau (BYU) 9.775

2. Kacie Capra (BYU) 9.775

4. Vanessa James (UNH) 9.750

5. Rebekah Porter (UNH) 9.725

6. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.700

7. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 9.625

8. Beth Bronson (UNH) 9.175

9. Katelyn Schenkel (UNH) 9.150

9. Candace Bauer (BYU) 9.150

11. Kylee Draper (BYU) 8.950

12. Mariana Pena Trestini 8.625

Balance Beam: (BYU 48.825; UNH 48.225)

1. Kandis Kelly (BYU) 9.875

1. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 9.875

3. Dayna Smart (BYU) 9.800

4. Mariana Pena Trestini (UNH) 9.775

5. Beth Bronson (UNH) 9.750

5. Amanda Hall (UNH) 9.750

7. Lindsay Berrios (UNH) 9.700

7. Kacie Capra (BYU) 9.700

9. Candace Bauer (BYU) 9.575

10. Vanessa James (UNH) 9.250

11. Vanessa Berrios (UNH) 9.225

12. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.225

Floor Exercise: (BYU 49.00; UNH 49.200)

1. Amanda Hall (UNH) 9.975

2. Vanessa James (UNH) 9.875

2. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 9.875

2. Jamie Mabray (BYU) 9.875

5.Rebekah Porter (UNH) 9.825

6. Sierra Jacobs (BYU) 9.800

7. Vanessa Berrios (UNH) 9.775

8. Christa Tafaro (UNH) 9.750

8. Kaci Capra (BYU) 9.750

10. Kirsten Pauga (BYU) 9.700

11. Genevieve Claveau (BYU) 9.625

12. Beth Bronson (UNH) 9.600


Anonymous | Posted: 19 Jan 2005 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

No. 9 Cougs Head to New Hampshire


PROVO -- The BYU gymnastics team has climbed the ranks to No. nine in national rankings after a great home meet against Southern Utah last weekend (195.725). The team was ranked 18th in the preseason coaches poll.

The Cougars are now ready for the next chance to prove themselves. They will be traveling to New Hampshire this weekend to take on the University of New Hampshire Wildcats who are currently ranked 38th. The meet will be in Lundholm Gymnasium at 7 pm EST.

The Wildcats are 3-0 after defeating Rutgers (191.6) in their opening meet and Yale and Rhode Island this last weekend (190.125). Leading the way for the Wildcats is junior all-arounder Amanda Hall who placed first in all events at their last meet. Hall posted a season-high 39.15. She is followed by senior and co-captain Vanessa James who scored a season-high 38.025.

The Cougars are only improving as their season continues. Sophomores Kandis Kelly and Dayna Smart are currently tied for sixth in the nation on beam. All-arounder Marie-Helene Claveau is ranked eighth on vault and 19th in the all-around category. Also ranked in the all-around is co-captain Jaime Mabray who is 16th in the nation.

Though the Cougars slipped a little from their performance in Cancun, they are still going strong. Newcomer Alethea Boon, who recently joined the team in December, improved her vault from a 9.5 to 9.65. Kacie Capra tied her career high on vault against SUU (9.875). Sierra Jacobs beat both of her career highs on vault and floor with 9.775 and 9.9 respectively.

The last time the Wildcats and Cougars faced each other was in 2003 at the Cat Classic in Missouri. There the Cougars came in fourth behind the University of Missouri, UNH and the University of Arizona because of falls. However, the Cougars came back and finished second in 2004.

After the meet in New Hampshire this weekend, BYU will get a break for one weekend and then continue on the road to Logan, Utah where they will compete against Utah State on Tuesday, February 1.