Feb 05 | 07:00 PM
1st - 196.125
Brigham Young University
3rd - 192.250
Southeast Missouri State University
2nd - 193.225
Texas Woman's University
Anonymous | Posted: 7 Feb 2005 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Sixth Straight Win for Cougars


DENTON -- Posting their highest score of the season, the BYU Cougars upset Texas Women's University and Southeast Missouri in their sixth straight win, 196.125-193.225-192.250.

This trip to Texas was the third week on the road for the Cougars, but that did not stop them from pulling out their best performances of the season. BYU captured the top three spots in all events.

The Cougars continue to dominate on vault tying BYU's eighth place record with 49.275. TWU and SEMO couldn't touch them with scores of 48.575 and 48.30. Co-captain Jaime Mabray led the way scoring 9.925, followed by Kirsten Pauga and Marie-Helene Claveau (9.900). Freshman Alethea Boon constantly improves, scoring a career high of 9.850.

On bars, the Cougars put up their second best score of the season with 48.625. TWU and SEMO trailed with 48.00 and 48.75 respectively. Genevieve Claveau had a stellar night, placing in the top three on bars, beam and floor. She took first on bars with 9.775. Kylee Draper, took second with her highest score of the season, 9.750. Mabray and Pauga tied for third with TWU's Courtney Arno (9.725).

Marie-Helene Claveau took first on beam (9.925) with Jaime Mabray taking second (9.825), Genevieve Claveau taking third (9.775) and Kandis Kelly coming in fourth (9.750). The team score of 48.925 was also the highest of the season for the Cougars.

BYU ended the competition on floor. The Cougars had their second highest score of the season (49.300) and the next closest was TWU with 48.725. Mabray once again took first with 9.925, with the Claveau twins picking up second and third.

All-arounder Marie-Helene Claveau put up her highest score of her career with 39.375. However, it was once again Mabray who took first in the all-around competition with 39.400. SEMO's Tara Boldt and Lexie Hein came in third and fourth with 37.875 and 37.850.

Now that the Cougars have effectively warmed up for the season, they prepare for their toughest competition of the season against Utah. The Cougars take on the Utes Friday, February 11, 2005 in Salt Lake City at the Huntsman Center. The meet will begin at 7 pm MST and will be the fourth week on the road for BYU.


Anonymous | Posted: 3 Feb 2005 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Gymnasts Head To Lone Star State


PROVO -- The Cougars continue their extensive road trip this weekend by heading to the Lone Star State to take on Texas Women's University and Southeast Missouri State Saturday, February 5, 2005.

"TWU's schedule is full of hot-shot teams because everyone has fun at Texas and wants to go down there," said head coach Brad Cattermole. "Last year we had a really good time."

And so the Cougars anticipate a fun and competitive weekend as they face the two universities. Currently the Cougars are still ranked eighth in the nation and are still on a winning streak after defeating USU on Tuesday night. The TWU Pioneers are currently 0-2 and the SEMO Redhawks are 2-1.

The gymnasts improve every week and are landing solid performances. Seniors Jaime Mabray and Marie-Helene Claveau continue to lead the team by posting high scores in all events.

BYU continues to be a national leader on vault and are ranked at No. 6. On vault, Sierra Jacobs and freshman Alethea Boon are making great strides by scoring higher practically each match. Candace Bauer and Genevieve are strong on bars, and with the addition of freshman Kylee Draper, BYU only gets better.

On beam, BYU is ranked ninth and is also seventh on bars. Though there is plenty of room to move down, the Cougars are not planning on going anywhere but up. They continue to be ranked above all of the teams they will face in competition this year except Utah.

After this weekend's tri-meet the Cougars return to Utah for a heated battle against No. 1 University of Utah. The meet will take place in Salt Lake on Friday, February 11th at 7 pm.