Jan 07 | 07:00 PM
2nd - 194.325
Brigham Young University
4th - 175.800
Gustavus Adolphus College
3rd - 191.625
George Washington University
1st - 195.900
University of Oklahoma
Anonymous | Posted: 10 Jan 2005 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Cancun Great Start for Cougars


CANCUN -- The Cougars started off the season strong, coming in second (194.675) at the Cancun Gymnastics Classic, hosted by Oklahoma University.

Oklahoma took first (195.90) with George Washington University placing third (191.625) and Gustavus Adolphus fourth (175.80).

"I was very pleased with our results," said head coach Brad Cattermole. "We start the season and then build through and get stronger as we go."

For the opening meet, the team did well, placing in the top three in all events except floor exercise. An outstanding performance was given by senior Jaime Mabray, who placed second all-around with a 39.150.

The Cougars had a good night on vault with Marie-Helene Claveau placing second (9.850) and Kirsten Pauga and Jaime Mabray tying for third (9.825). On bars, Lisa Willis placed second (9.850).

Freshman Dayna Smart started her season and collegiate carrer off with a stellar performance on beam earning a tie for first place with OU's senior and captain Erin LaBarr (9.900). Smart had a red-shirt season last year due to injury.

"She did a heck of a job and had a heck of a routine," Cattermole said.

Oklahoma's LaBarr led the meet placing first all-around and on bars, beam and floor.

Last year, Oklahoma finished the season ranked 11th with BYU coming in at 16th. Coach Cattermole knows the rankings will vary during this season and just hopes to improve the gymnasts individually this year.

"This team could prove to be our best," said Cattermole. "They are a mature team who act like professional athletes."

The Cougars return home this weekend to face No. 30 Southern Utah University. The meet is tentatively scheduled for Friday evening in the Marriott Center.

Team Results

Oklahoma 195.90

BYU 194.325

George Washington 191.625

Gustavus Adolphus 175.800

Individual Results


1. Erin LaBarr (OU) 39.600

2. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 39.150

3. Ashley Cooney (OU) 39.025

Other BYU scores:

Marie-Helene 39.000

Vault: (OU 48.850; BYU 48.575; GWU 46.975; GA 44.975)

1. Ashley Cooney (OU) 9.900

2. Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU) 9.850

3. Tie: Kirsten Pauga and Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.825

Other BYU scores:

Dayna Smart 9.750

Sierra Jacobs 9.675

Althea Boon 9.500

Uneven Bars: (OU 49.250; BYU 48.100; GWU 47.750; GA 40.100)

1. Erin LaBarr (OU) 10.0

2. Lisa Willis (BYU) 9.850

3. Brittney Koncak (OU) 9.850

Other BYU scores:

Jaime Mabray 9.800

Candace Bauer 9.800

Marie-Helene Claveau 9.625

Genevieve Claveau 9.025

Kacie Capra 9.025

Balance Beam: (BYU 48.825; OU 48.425; GWU 48.350; GA 44.875)

1. Tie: Dayna Smart (BYU) and Erin LaBarr (OU) 9.900

3. Ashley Cooney (OU) 9.850

Other BYU scores:

Marie-Helene Claveau 9.825

Kandis Kelly 9.725

Kacie Capra 9.700

Jaime Mabray 9.675

Lisa Willis 8.975

Floor Exercise: (OU 49.375; BYU 48.825; GWU 48.550; GA 45.850)

1. Erin LaBarr (OU) 9.925

2. Kristen Cox (OU) 9.900

3. Tie: Tiffany Willin and Ashley Cooney (OU) 9.875

BYU scores:

Kacie Capra 9.850

Jaime Mabray 9.850

Kirsten Pauga 9.725

Sierra Jacobs 9.700

Marie-Helene Claveau 9.700

Genevieve Claveau 9.250