Dick Jones
Guard 9
170 lbs.
Spanish Fork, 
Roster Years

BYU Hall of Fame

Freshman Year

Sophmore Year 1948-1949

Junior Year 1949-1950

  • Appeared in 26 games and averaged 3.5 points and 1.6 rebounds

Summary from the 1949-50 Media Guide

Dick was slow rounding into shape last year, but once he got started, the team rounded into a winning team fast. Dick played regular last year at one of the guard slots and will be making a strong bid for the same spot this year. Reaching up 6’3”, Jones adds a lot to the overall height of the team when he’s in there. Scored last year when points counted most and proved to be a calm player under pressure.

Senior Year 1950-1951

  • Appeared in 31 games and averaged and averaged 3.9 points and 2.9 rebounds

Summary from the 1950-51 Media Guide

A steady stalwart with a regular berth on last year’s team, Jones would be the delight of any coach. He is not flashy but reliable. He always seems to do the right thing and can come through in the pinches. Dick is a lad who can go the distance and hustle the ball all night. Reaching up 6-3 he adds over-all height to the team and usually comes down with the ball in the backboard scramble.

Graduate Year

Redshirt Year

Medical Redshirt Year