Van Burgess
Guard 4
169 lbs.
American Fork, 
Roster Years

BYU Hall of Fame

Freshman Year 1951-1952

  • Appeared in five games and averaged 0.4 points and 0.6 rebounds
Sophmore Year 1952-1953

Summary from the 1952-53 Media Guide

Another product of Utah Valley basketball garden, Van started his ball career in American Fork, Utah. After garnering all-state honors, Van enrolled at the BYU. He proved himself on the frosh team, so Watts moved him to a varsity berth towards the end of the season. Van has great promise as a guard. He handles the ball well, hits nicely from deep in the court, and is great defensive player. Another likely candidate for guard spot.

Junior Year 1953-1954

  • An all-stater, Van has the court sense needed by floor captain
  • He hits nicely from outer court when he elects to shoot, and is one of the Y’s best drivers around the basket
  • A real valuable boy to have on the squad
Senior Year 1954-1955

  • One of the two seniors listed on ’55 roster
  • Moved to varsity as freshman
  • Is a two-year letterman
  • Good floor man, has not realized his full potential
  • Is former all-state prep
  • Animal husbandry major
Graduate Year

Redshirt Year

Medical Redshirt Year