Dave Lewis
Guard 28
190 lbs.
Last School
Provo High School
Roster Years

BYU Hall of Fame

Freshman Year

Sophmore Year 1953-1954

  • Dave is all-around athlete
  • Is devastating on the gridiron and on the diamond
  • The fastest passer on the squad
  • Is at his best when zeroed in on the basket with two-handed set shots
  • Will see lots of action this year
Junior Year 1954-1955

  • Has Devastating two-handed set shots from outside
  • Dribbles and passes the ball with power
  • Is an all-around athlete, equally effective on gridiron and baseball diamond
  • Has potential of great star
  • Engineering major
Senior Year 1955-1956

At Provo High School, Dave won all-state honorable mention in three sports: football, basketball, and baseball. A two-year BYU letterman, Lewis tallied a total of 195 points last year. Most of his counters resulted from deadly two-handed set shots from outside. He can crack a game wide open with this shot. Dave is a chemistry major. He is also power hitter for BYU nine. Dave married last summer.

Graduate Year

Redshirt Year

Medical Redshirt Year