Roy Thacker
Center 35
180 lbs.
Heber City, 
Roster Years

BYU Hall of Fame

Freshman Year

Sophmore Year 1956-1957

An all-stater from Wasatch High School, Thacker showed fine potential as center on frosh teams last year. With Pedersen gone, Roy and two other sophomores are candidates for varsity post. Thacker has makings of fine center, will probably start on varsity five this year as experience is his greatest need.

Junior Year 1957-1958

Thacker is only returning member of ’57 starting five, which makes him key player on squad. An all-stater from Wasatch High Thacker won starting assignment as sophomore, did a commendable job. Roy is rugged work horse under the basket, scores and rebounds well. Thack will not be eligible until winter quarter.

Senior Year 1958-1959

Roy first manned the pivot as a sophomore, and he has been a regular at center ever since. He plays with a dedication that is seldom seen on the basketball court. Not a prolific scorer, Roy’s presence is felt most on the boards, where he gives ground to no man. He can be counted on for at least ten points, ten rebounds a game.

Graduate Year

Redshirt Year

Medical Redshirt Year