Russ Peterson
Guard 32
175 lbs.
Roster Years

BYU Hall of Fame

Freshman Year

Sophmore Year 1956-1957

Russ saw plenty of action with frosh two seasons ago, saved his eligibility last year when it appeared he would not see much action on ’55 club. Peterson is looking better this year, and seasoning may label him for more action. Russ won letters in football, baseball, and basketball in high school.

Junior Year 1957-1958

Likely starter at one of the guard positions this season, Russ is one of the few seasoned players Cougars have returning. He picked up his varsity letter last year although he saw only limited action. Russ was all-stater in Nebraska, played football as well.

Senior Year 1958-1959

A two-year letterman, Russ is a dependable, capable, experienced guard. He was starter in most games last season, and his seasoned play and versatility will be valuable asset this year. He is 38 percent accurate from the field, 79 percent from free throw line. Not a high scorer, but plays game to the hilt.

Graduate Year

Redshirt Year

Russ is one of the few frosh from last year’s team to make the varsity squad this year. A football and basketball standout in high school, Peterson has his work cut out for him with the Cougars this year. He plays a heady game at guard position, but will need additional seasoning and experience before he can be expected to see much action this year. Russ is one of three players from outside Utah.

Medical Redshirt Year