Feb 02 | 12:00 AM
1st - 193.600
Brigham Young University
3rd - 192.250
Bowling Green State University
4th - 192.125
Illinois State University
2nd - 192.425
University of Missouri, Columbia
Brett Pyne | Posted: 2 Feb 2001 | Updated: 2 Feb 2001
Brett Pyne

COLUMBIA, Mo. -- Led by All-American Kelly Parkinson, the 14th-ranked BYU women's gymnastics team scored a 193.600 to win the team title of the 21st annual Cat Classic hosted by the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., Friday. Parkinson scored the second-highest all-around score in Cat Classic history to garner individual honors with a 39.225.

The Cougars' Cat Classic title was their first in their eight appearances at the annual meet. Host Missouri placed second at 192.425, followed by No. 22. Bowling Green at 192.250 and No. 10 Illinois State at 192.125. BYU won the vault (48.650) and floor (48.800) events while placing second on bars (48.550) and third on beam (47.600).

The Cougars held a slim advantage over Missouri entering the final rotation, but Parkinson sealed the Cougar victory with her 9.825 beam routine. Parkinson, who placed third on beam, won the floor exercise with a 9.825 and finished third on vault (9.775) and seventh on bars (9.800).

A Cougar won three of the four events, as BYU's Angie Hickman won vault with a 9.850 while teammate Kim Little won the bars with a 9.875. Missouri's Leah Gremaud won beam with a 9.925 while BYU's Kari Dye took second with a 9.850. Cougar Jeni Lopez placed second (9.800) to Parkinson on beam.

The top 10 gymnasts in each event qualified to compete Saturday in the individual competition. Seven Cougars earned that right as Candace Cosgrave (floor) and Lindsay Lines (bars) will join Parkinson (vault, bars, beam, floor), Lopez (vault, floor), Dye (floor, beam), Little (vault, bars) and Hickman (vault) in the individual competition Saturday.

BYU improved to 6-0 overall this year with its team victory, including a 1-0 dual meet record.

Team Score



Bowling Green-192.250

Illinois State-192.125



Bowling Green-48.475


Illinois State-47.275


Bowling Green-48.650


Illinois State-48.500



Illinois State-48.700



Bowling Green-46.450



Bowling Green-48.675


Illinois State-47.650



1. *Kelly Parkinson, BYU, 39.225

2. Lindsay Davis, Missouri, 38.900

3. Marny Oestrang, Bowling Green, 38.150

4. Denise Houda, Illinois State, 38.075

5. Alina Hamm, Missouri, 37.850

Following all qualify for Individual Competition Saturday


1. *Angie Hickman, BYU, 9.850

2. Pia Svojall, Bowling Green, 9.800

3. *Kelly Parkinson, BYU, 9.775

4. *Kim Little, BYU, 9.750

5. Alina Hamm, Missouri, 9.725

6. Lindsay Davis, Missouri, 9.725

7. Amber Curry, Bowling Green, 9.700

8. Marny Oestrang, Bowling Green, 9.700

9. *Jeni Lopez, BYU 9.675

10. Kristy Kreinbrink, Illinois State, 9.650

11. Jamie Kent, Bowling Green, 9.650


1. *Kim Little, BYU, 9.875

2. Ann Gietler, Missouri, 9.850

3. *Lindsay Lines, BYU, 9.850

4. Alina Hamm, Missouri, 9.825

5. Marny Oestrang, Bowling Green, 9.825

6. Melissa Popovich, Bowling Green, 9.825

7. *Kelly Parkinson, BYU, 9.800

8. Michelle Huston, Illinois State, 9.750

9. Dana Luther, Illinois State, 9.725

10. Kelly Kropko, Bowling Green, 9.725


1. Leah Gremaud, Missouri, 9.925

2. *Kari Dye, BYU, 9.850

3. *Kelly Parkinson, BYU, 9.825

4. Dana Luther, Illinois State, 9.800

5. Heather Mohler, Illinois State, 9.775

6. Laura Forbes, Missouri, 9.750

7. Jaime Reineck, Illinois State, 9.750

8. Heather Holden, Missouri, 9.725

9. Lindsay Davis, Missouri, 9.700

10. Lisa Klein, Illinois State, 9.700


1. *Kelly Parkinson, BYU, 9.825

2. *Jeni Lopez, BYU, 9.800

3. Lindsay Davis, Missouri, 9.775

4. Marny Oestrang, Bowling Green, 9.775

5. Melissa Popovich, Bowling Green, 9.775

6. *Kari Dye, BYU, 9.750

7. Kristy Kreinbrink, Illinois State, 9.750

8. Amber Curry, Bowling Green, 9.750

9. *Candace Cosgrove, BYU, 9.725

10. Lisa Klein

* BYU scores


Brett Pyne | Posted: 1 Feb 2001 | Updated: 28 Apr 2011
Brett Pyne

The BYU women's gymnatics team travels to Missouri to compete in the annual Cat Classic hosted by the University of Missouri Friday at 7 p.m.

The Cougars enter the meet rated No. 14 in the country with a scoring average of 194.300. All-American gymnast Kelly Parkinson leads the Cougars as the seventh ranked all-around performer in the nation. She scored a 39.250 in the season-opener vs. Iowa State and had a 39.325 at the Rocky Mountain Open. She has an all-around average of 39.287.

BYU has three wins thus far this year, topping Iowa State in a dual meet and coming out on top at the Rocky Mountain Open in Colorado Springs. The Cougars opened the season with a victory over Iowa State on January 12, scoring a 194.275 to the Cyclones' 191.475 at home in the Marriott Center.

The Cougars then traveled to Colorado Springto compete in the Rocky Mountain Open against Air Force and the University of Denver, where they took first place with a 194.325. Denver scored a 192.325 and Air Force scored a 191.775 at the meet.

2001 Meet Scores  

BYU 194.275

Iowa State 191.475

BYU 194.325

Denver 192.325

Air Force 191.775