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BYU Gymnasts Record Another Solid Performance

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PROVO -- The BYU gymnastics team continued its strong start to the 2007 season Friday night with a 193.325-185.675 win over Texas Woman's University in the Marriott Center.

"We had some very good performances," said BYU head coach Brad Cattermole. "We've got a lot of our kids out there competing. We're just trying to score the best we can."

The Cougars began the evening on the vault and quickly established their dominance, posting a 48.225 score while TWU notched a 46.375 on the bars. Junior Dayna Smart led BYU on the event with a score of 9.750 while junior Alethea Boon also bolstered the team score with a 9.700. Freshmen Danielle Goldman and Megan Donehue recorded new career highs.

Bars was up next for the Cougars, who continued to widen the gap with a 48.225 score compared to the Pioneers' 45.875 total on the vault. Despite some early slips by BYU, junior Kylee Draper and senior Kaci Capra-Callens showed why they are the Cougars' top bars competitors as they each recorded scores of 9.825.

Freshman Jenna Kerbis led a talented Cougar beam rotation with a career-high 9.800, tying team captain Smart's score. TWU's Amy Hulbert received an appreciative cheer from the crowd for her entertaining floor routine, but her score was not enough to overtake the BYU squad, which maintained control with a meet-high 48.675 team score on the beam.

"Jenna did very well," said Cattermole. "She's had to fight through some injuries. She's a very good gymnast."

The final rotation was more of the same as BYU secured the victory with a 48.200 score on the floor compared to TWU's 47.250 tally on the beam. Smart once again came up big for the Cougars as she tied her career high on the floor with a 9.85, while Draper had a career mark with a 9.800.

BYU will now travel to Boise, Idaho next Friday night to take on the Boise State Broncos. The Cougars will next be in action at home on Feb. 3 when the Broncos make the trip to Provo.

Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

Host: BYU Cougars

Meet: WTU Pioneers @ BYU Cougars January 12, 2007

Location: Marriott Ctr. BYU Provo UT 84602 Home Meet

Contents: Event Results Team Results

Vault Team Standing

Uneven Parallel Bars BYU Cougars

Balance Beam TWU Pioneers

Floor Exercise Judge List

Team Standing Top

Place Team Score

1 BYU Cougars 193.325

2 TWU Pioneers 185.675

BYU Cougars Home

Head Coach: Brad CATTERMOLE Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

BERRETT, Kiki 9.700

BOON, Alethea 9.700 9.725

CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie 9.825 9.750 9.800

DONEHUE, Megan 9.575

DRAPER, Kylee 9.825 9.475 9.800

FISCHER, Brittany 9.525

GOLDMAN, Danielle 9.525 8.850

HOUGH, Melissa 9.250

KERBIS, Jenna 9.675 9.800

POULSON, Heidi 9.050

POULSON, Mckell 9.650

SMART, Dayna 9.750 9.800 9.850

WALKER-POND, Aimee 9.200

WILLIS, Lisa 9.675 9.600

Team Totals 48.225 48.225 48.675 48.200 193.325

TWU Pioneers

Head Coach: Frank KUDLAC Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

HULBERT, Amy 8.975 9.225 9.400

PIPKORM, Tonya 9.325 9.700 9.300

PARKER, Brittany 9.675 9.575

BRENNAN, Alexa 8.250

MICHAEL, Brista 9.450

BOLES, Amie 9.450 9.475

ARNO, Courtney 9.275 8.725

ZIMMERMAN, Rachel 9.475 9.700 8.700

MILLER, Keri 9.175

POLING, Nichole 8.950 8.500 9.050 9.300 35.800

Team Totals 46.375 45.875 47.250 46.175 185.675

Vault Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.750

2 BOON, Alethea BYU Cougars 9.700

3 KERBIS, Jenna BYU Cougars 9.675

3 PARKER, Brittany TWU Pioneers 9.675

5 DONEHUE, Megan BYU Cougars 9.575

6 GOLDMAN, Danielle BYU Cougars 9.525

6 FISCHER, Brittany BYU Cougars 9.525

8 BOLES, Amie TWU Pioneers 9.450

9 PIPKORM, Tonya TWU Pioneers 9.325

10 HULBERT, Amy TWU Pioneers 8.975

11 POLING, Nichole TWU Pioneers 8.950

Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.825

1 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.825

3 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.675

4 POULSON, Mckell BYU Cougars 9.650

5 ZIMMERMAN, Rachel TWU Pioneers 9.475

6 MICHAEL, Brista TWU Pioneers 9.450

7 ARNO, Courtney TWU Pioneers 9.275

8 HOUGH, Melissa BYU Cougars 9.250

9 WALKER-POND, Aimee BYU Cougars 9.200

10 MILLER, Keri TWU Pioneers 9.175

11 POLING, Nichole TWU Pioneers 8.500

12 BRENNAN, Alexa TWU Pioneers 8.250

Balance Beam Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 KERBIS, Jenna BYU Cougars 9.800

1 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.800

3 CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.750

4 BOON, Alethea BYU Cougars 9.725

5 ZIMMERMAN, Rachel TWU Pioneers 9.700

5 PIPKORM, Tonya TWU Pioneers 9.700

7 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.600

8 PARKER, Brittany TWU Pioneers 9.575

9 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.475

10 HULBERT, Amy TWU Pioneers 9.225

11 POLING, Nichole TWU Pioneers 9.050

12 ARNO, Courtney TWU Pioneers 8.725

Floor Exercise Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.850

2 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.800

2 CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.800

4 BERRETT, Kiki BYU Cougars 9.700

5 BOLES, Amie TWU Pioneers 9.475

6 HULBERT, Amy TWU Pioneers 9.400

7 PIPKORM, Tonya TWU Pioneers 9.300

7 POLING, Nichole TWU Pioneers 9.300

9 POULSON, Heidi BYU Cougars 9.050

10 GOLDMAN, Danielle BYU Cougars 8.850

11 ZIMMERMAN, Rachel TWU Pioneers 8.700

All Around Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 POLING, Nichole TWU Pioneers 35.800

Meet Judges Top


Judge 1 Celeste HAMIL National

Judge 2 Anna Lee OLSEN National

Uneven Parallel Bars

Judge 1 Wendy ATKINSON Brevet

Judge 2 Dianne GRAYSON Brevet

Balance Beam

Judge 1 Dianne GRAYSON Brevet

Judge 2 Anna Lee OLSEN National

Floor Exercise

Judge 1 Wendy ATKINSON Brevet

Judge 2 Celeste HAMIL National

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