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Miner Sisters: Her success is my success

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PROVO, Utah – Since the age of three, two sisters, Abbey and Sadie Miner have been competing in gymnastics hand to hand. Now, they are about to start their first collegiate season together at BYU.

Abbey and Sadie Miner grew up in Mapleton, Utah and both chose BYU for its environment, education level and the gymnastics program.

The duo tried out other sports, like soccer and softball, but deep down the sisters knew that gymnastics was in their blood. Two of their older brothers competed in gymnastics as well. The second you commit to gymnastics, you do it until the end.

Abbey, who is a sophomore this year, participated in her freshman year without competing alongside her younger sister for the first time in her life. It was a hard and unusual experience for her, but she knew that as soon as her sister Sadie came, everything would be more fun. For the duo, it would be a party to compete for the Cougars together.

Sadie, a freshman on the team, looks up to her sister and uses her as an example. Like all sports, injuries can slow down a gymnast, but Abbey handles them just fine and that inspires her little sister a lot, who is now coming back from a shoulder injury. Sadie looks at her sister and knows that everything will be just fine. Both of the girls hate to simply sit around while their teammates are doing what they love and that motivates them to come back from injuries faster.

The duo calls themselves best friends. They grew up supporting each other every step of the way; they also coached each other. If one of them learns a new skill, they would video tape it and then watch it together to find their weaknesses and strengths.

Abbey and Sadie have never had any sibling rivalry; they push each other to be better. The sisters never want to beat one another; they want to beat their previous scores, to improve their skills and they always want to win. Gymnastics is a competitive sport, but they prefer to compete together.

The girls both agreed that gymnastics has taught them many lessons and it has brought them closer together. They learned that nothing in life ever comes easy and they should always work hard for something they want.

They need to work hard to improve their skills, but also to improve the relationships with their teammates and coaches. Growing up, they were taught to be happy for their teammates and that their coaches will always give the spot to someone who deserves it. The Miner sisters have learned how to support their teammates, whether they get a chance to compete or not.

Sadie says that her sister’s success is her success.

Their mom, Sandy Miner, who did cheer in high school, was really supportive with their choice of doing gymnastics. She has been to every single meet they’ve had growing up. Their dad, Gary Miner, loves the sport as well. Sandy made her daughters match when they were younger and Abbey hated it. Now the duo loves to do everything together. They say the same things often and it never surprises anyone. They consider themselves the same person.

The Miner sisters know what a privilege it is to be student-athletes at BYU and they consider themselves blessed.

“It is so amazing to have your family member alongside you,” said Sadie. “Helping you, telling you what to do and just someone who you can always turn to.”

Thinking about the upcoming season, both of the girls have some personal goals. Abbey is looking forward and working hard to compete all-around in at least one event this year. She also really wants to achieve the double lay full out; and it is something that motivates her every day.

As for Sadie, after her injury, she really wants to compete in at least three events this season. She is only coming back, but she has raised her bar high and Sadie is really excited to have a great and successful season alongside her older sister. Sadie knows that she needs to be patient and smart with her injury, but she still wants to have a great first season at BYU.

The duo, the dynamic duo as the sisters call themselves, grew up hand to hand, no matter what, and they know for sure that nothing is going to change it. Experiencing college gymnastics together has been amazing so far, and they are excited to continue their journey together as sisters.

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