Mar 15 | 07:00 PM
1st - 195.425
Brigham Young University
2nd - 194.800
Southern Utah University
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Cougars Explode for Season High on Senior Night


PROVO -- The BYU women's gymnastics team exploded to a season-high 195.425 in its last home meet of the season on Wednesday, senior night, marking the first time all season the Cougars have eclipsed the 195 plateau.

"I was very proud of the way the girls came out and competed," BYU coach Brad Cattermole said. "There were a couple of things we could have done better but they stayed positive and did well."

Dayna Smart led BYU on vault with a first-place 9.825 while Alethea Boon added a season-high 9.800 for the Cougars in their first rotation. SUU was led by Ashley Sharpe and Rachel Tanner at 9.800.

After hitting the 49.000 mark in its last two meets, BYU recorded another good night on bars in its second rotation. Kylee Draper led the way with a 9.825 for the Cougars tying her for first place with the Thunderbirds' Sharpe on the event. Kacie Capra recorded a 9.775 for BYU while Jennifer Matthews and Cassie Myers added 9.725 scores for the Cougars.

BYU enjoyed a strong outing on beam recording a 48.875 in its third rotation. Smart and Kandis Kelly each recorded a 9.850 to share first-place honors while Capra added a season-high 9.800 for the Cougars. Shenna Shaw and Kellie Dangerfield led the way for SUU at 9.800.

After tying its highest score of the season on floor in its last meet, BYU broke out a season-high 49.225 in its fourth rotation. Four Cougars tied career highs on the event including Capra (9.875), Smart (9.850), Boon (9.850) and Draper (9.775). Lisa Willis and Sierra Jacobs both recorded a 9.825 for BYU.

The Thunderbirds' Shaw won the all-around with a 39.075 to help lead SUU to a 194.800 score. The Cougars' Capra was right behind Shaw for second place in the all-around with a season-best 39.050.

After the meet BYU honored seniors Matthews and Meghan Donahue as part of senior night. Matthews has emerged as a consistent competitor on bars for the Cougars this season while Donahue has been a student assistant to the coaching staff the last two seasons after suffering career-ending injuries her sophomore year.

BYU will be back in action on Saturday when it travels to Denton Texas to face No. 15 Arizona and host Texas Women's University at 7 p.m.. Live stats will be available on the women's gymnastics homepage on

Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

Host: BYU Cougars

Meet: SUU TBirds @ BYU Cougars 20060315 March 15, 2006

Location: Smith FieldHouse BYU Provo UT 84602 Home Meet

Contents: Event Results Team Results

Vault Team Standing

Uneven Parallel Bars BYU Cougars

Balance Beam SUU ThunderBirds

Floor Exercise Judge List

Team Standing Top

Place Team Score

1 BYU Cougars 195.425

2 SUU ThunderBirds 194.800

BYU Cougars Home

Head Coach: Brad CATTERMOLE Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

BOON, Alethea 9.800 9.700 9.850

CAPRA, Kacie 9.600 9.775 9.800 9.875 39.050

DRAPER, Kylee 9.825 9.675 9.775

FISCHER, Brittany 9.625

HARVEY-MATTHEWS, Jennifer 9.725

JACOBS, Sierra 9.625 9.825

JENSEN, Hayley 9.725 9.475

KELLY, Kandis 9.850

MYERS, Cassie 9.725

SMART, Dayna 9.825 9.850 9.850

WILLIS, Lisa 9.675 9.575 9.825

Team Totals 48.600 48.725 48.875 49.225 195.425

SUU ThunderBirds

Head Coach: Scott BAUMAN Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

KEENO, Tehani 9.750 9.250

LANGLEY, Jessica 9.625 9.750 9.575 9.675 38.625

MORGAN, Erin 9.700

SAKHITAB, Leah 7.600 9.800 9.325 9.750 36.475

SHARPE, Ashley 9.800 9.825 9.725

SHAW, Shenna 9.750 9.700 9.800 9.825 39.075

TANNER, Rachel 9.800 9.825 9.725

DANGERFIELD, Kellie 9.800

HICKS, Katie 9.550 9.750

Team Totals 48.525 48.825 48.725 48.725 194.800

Vault Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.825

2 BOON, Alethea BYU Cougars 9.800

2 SHARPE, Ashley SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

2 TANNER, Rachel SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

5 SHAW, Shenna SUU ThunderBirds 9.750

6 JENSEN, Hayley BYU Cougars 9.725

7 JACOBS, Sierra BYU Cougars 9.625

7 FISCHER, Brittany BYU Cougars 9.625

7 LANGLEY, Jessica SUU ThunderBirds 9.625

10 CAPRA, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.600

11 HICKS, Katie SUU ThunderBirds 9.550

12 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 7.600

Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.825

1 SHARPE, Ashley SUU ThunderBirds 9.825

3 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

4 CAPRA, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.775

5 LANGLEY, Jessica SUU ThunderBirds 9.750

5 KEENO, Tehani SUU ThunderBirds 9.750

7 MYERS, Cassie BYU Cougars 9.725

7 HARVEY-MATTHEWS, Jennifer BYU Cougars 9.725

9 SHAW, Shenna SUU ThunderBirds 9.700

9 MORGAN, Erin SUU ThunderBirds 9.700

11 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.675

12 JENSEN, Hayley BYU Cougars 9.475

Balance Beam Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 KELLY, Kandis BYU Cougars 9.850

1 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.850

3 TANNER, Rachel SUU ThunderBirds 9.825

4 CAPRA, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.800

4 SHAW, Shenna SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

4 DANGERFIELD, Kellie SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

7 SHARPE, Ashley SUU ThunderBirds 9.725

8 BOON, Alethea BYU Cougars 9.700

9 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.675

10 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.575

10 LANGLEY, Jessica SUU ThunderBirds 9.575

12 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 9.325

Floor Exercise Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 CAPRA, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.875

2 BOON, Alethea BYU Cougars 9.850

2 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.850

4 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.825

4 JACOBS, Sierra BYU Cougars 9.825

4 SHAW, Shenna SUU ThunderBirds 9.825

7 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.775

8 HICKS, Katie SUU ThunderBirds 9.750

8 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 9.750

10 TANNER, Rachel SUU ThunderBirds 9.725

11 LANGLEY, Jessica SUU ThunderBirds 9.675

12 KEENO, Tehani SUU ThunderBirds 9.250

All Around Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 SHAW, Shenna SUU ThunderBirds 39.075

2 CAPRA, Kacie BYU Cougars 39.050

3 LANGLEY, Jessica SUU ThunderBirds 38.625

4 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 36.475

Meet Judges Top


Judge 1 Linda FENTON National

Judge 2 Tina PAULOS National

Uneven Parallel Bars

Judge 1 Joanne STAHELI National

Judge 2 Charity GREENE National

Balance Beam

Judge 1 Tina PAULOS National

Judge 2 Joanne STAHELI National

Floor Exercise

Judge 1 Linda FENTON National

Judge 2 Charity GREENE National


Anonymous | Posted: 13 Mar 2006 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Big Week for Gymnasts


PROVO -- After scoring a season-best 194.850 against Boise State, the No. 23 BYU women's gymnastics team faces what could be the biggest week of its season. The Cougars will have two meets this week beginning with their last home meet of the season, senior night, Wednesday at 7 p.m. against Southern Utah in the Smith Fieldhouse. BYU will then travel to Denton Texas for a triangular meet with host Texas Women's University and No. 15 Arizona on Saturday at 7 p.m..

With just three meets left until NCAA Regionals, the Cougars will once again be counting on high scoring outings to prepare themselves for Regionals. In the latest polls released on Monday morning, BYU is ranked No. 23 with a Regional Qualifying Score of 194.185. Of the four teams in the state, only No. 2 Utah has a higher RQS.

"This is the time where you have to really hit your routines," BYU coach Brad Cattermole said. "This is where quality counts. We need to be mentally tough."

The Cougars recorded their highest team score of the season in their last meet against Boise State while hitting the 49.000 mark on bars for their second consecutive meet. Kylee Draper recorded a season-high 9.875 along with Kacie Capra to lead BYU on bars. Alethea Boon tied her career-high 9.850 on beam while Lisa Willis and Boon led the way on floor with season-highs 9.825 for the Cougars.

BYU will play host to Southern Utah on Wednesday night. The No. 33-ranked Thunderbirds are coming off a 194.000 performance against Utah State last week. SUU posted its highest team score of the season against the Cougars back on Feb. 10. The Thunderbirds will continue to be led by all-arounders Leah Sakhitab, Sheena Shaw and Ashley Sharpe. Saturday BYU will be in Denton Texas to face No. 15 Arizona and Texas Women's University. The Pioneers are ranked No. 50 in the nation and are led by Brisa Fuentes, Nakia Westbrook and Courtney Arno.

Wednesday night BYU will honor seniors Jennifer Matthews and student-coach Meghan Donahue. Matthews has emerged as a consistent scorer on bars after making the line-up in the Cougars' fifth meet while the team named Donahue as a Co-Cougar of the Meet Saturday for her help in coaching the team on bars and vault this season.

Start time for the meet Wednesday will be at 7 p.m. in the Smith Fieldhouse. It will be broadcast live on BYU TV. Live stats feeds will be available for both meets on the women's gymnastics homepage at

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