Jan 09 | 07:00 PM
2nd - 192.625
Brigham Young University
1st - 194.450
University of Kentucky
Anonymous | Posted: 9 Jan 2004 | Updated: 9 Jan 2004

PROVO -- The BYU women's gymnastics team can return home satisfied despite losing to the University of Kentucky Wildcats, 194.450 to 192.625. The Cougars fought hard and surprised themselves with notable stability from the freshman class.

Freshman Marie-Helene Claveau tied for first place in the vault. Twin sister Genevieve tied for second on the uneven bars.

Both teams suffered falls and minor stumbles throughout and the teams were separated by a mere .801 going into the final rotation. Kentucky pulled together to push ahead in the floor exercise, taking four of the top five scores.

Senior Aronda Primault solidified Kentucky's win, taking first in the all-around competition. Primault tied for first in both the vault and the floor exercise. She also took second in the uneven bars and fifth on the balance beam.

Despite falls, the Cougars still had strong finishes. Seniors Kari Lords and Trisha Ashton swept first and second place on the balance beam. Lords also took third in the floor exercise.

Junior Jaime Mabray came in fifth in the all-around.

Team Results

Kentucky 194.450

BYU 192.625

Individual Results


1. Aronda Primault (Kentucky) 38.975

2. Michelle Gales (Kentucky) 38.725

3. Rachel Riley (Kentucky) 38.675

4. Krystle Cook (Kentucky) 38.100

5. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 37.875

Vault: (Kentucky 49.000; BYU 48.825)

1. Tie: Marie-Helene Claveau (BYU); Aronda Primault (Kentucky) 9.875

3. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.825

4. Tie: Trisha Ashton (BYU); Krystle Cook (Kentucky) 9.800

Other BYU scores:

Megan Pessoa 9.700

Meghan Donahue 9.625

Kirsten Pauga 9.250

Uneven Bars: (Kentucky 49.100; BYU 47.900)

1. Staci O'Keefe (Kentucky) 9.850

2. 3 way tie: Genevieve Claveau (BYU); Krystle Cook (Kentucky); Aronda Primault (Kentucky) 9.825

5. 3 way tie: Jaime Mabray (BYU); Julie Joy (Kentucky); Rachel Riley (Kentucky) 9.800

Other BYU scores:

Lisa Willis 9.750

Brogan Jacobsen 9.275

Kari Lords 9.250

Kacie Capra 9.075

Balance Beam: (Kentucky 47.425; BYU 47.125)

1. Kari Lords (BYU) 9.900

2. Trisha Ashton (BYU) 9.825

3. Michelle Gales (Kentucky) 9.775

4. Julie Joy (Kentucky) 9.700

Other BYU scores:

Kirsten Pauga 9.350

Kandis Kelly 9.225

Marie-Helene Claveau 8.825

Jaime Mabray 8.550

Floor Exercise: (Kentucky 48.925; BYU 48.775)

1. Tie: Michelle Gales (Kentucky); Aronda Primault (Kentucky) 9.900

3. 3 way tie: Kari Lords (BYU); Julie Joy (Kentucky); Rachel Riley (Kentucky) 9.850

Other BYU scores:

Marie-Helene Claveau 9.775

Lisa Willis 9.750

Kacie Capra 9.700

Jaime Mabray 9.700

Brogan Jacobsen 9.250


Anonymous | Posted: 8 Jan 2004 | Updated: 28 Apr 2011

PROVO -- The BYU women's gymnastics team opens its season Friday against the University of Kentucky Wildcats in Lexington, Ky., at 7:30 p.m.

"The first meet is always a good indicator for the season," said BYU coach Brad Cattermole, whose team qualified for NCAA Regionals ranking 20th nationally last season. "This early in the season I'm pleased, recognizing we still have a long way to go."

Balancing fresh faces and familiar favorites, the team is a tight combination of talent and experience. Coach Cattermole said the team's strengths lie in beam and vault work.

The Cougars are led for the second year by co-captain seniors Trisha Ashton and Brogan Jacobsen. Jacobsen scored a perfect 10.0 on floor last season. Also returning is senior Kari Lords, who scored a perfect 10.0 on beam.

"The freshman bring the excitement and the experienced gymnasts bring the stability," Cattermole said.

BYU split its season series with Kentucky in 2003. Kentucky beat BYU in January, 194.075-192.475, then BYU turned around and beat Kentucky 196.800-192.475 in February.

"Kentucky's always a tough team," Cattermole said. "Excite Night is their big home invitational and we're excited to attend."

This is Kentucky's second meet of the season after opening with a loss to Ohio State on Sunday, 193.575-192.825.