Jan 25 | 12:00 AM
1st - 195.600
Brigham Young University
2nd - 193.725
Boise State University
Anonymous | Posted: 25 Jan 2003 | Updated: 25 Jan 2003

PROVO -- In the first home meet of the season, BYU's women's gymnastics team beat the Boise State Broncos 195.6 to 193.725 Saturday night in front of 1,536 fans in the Smith Fieldhouse.

Competing without their leading scorer, Jaime Mabray, who broke her foot last week, the Cougars pulled together and stepped up their performances to not only beat the Broncos but also take first place in every event.

Head Coach Brad Cattermole was pleased with the competition and the girls' optimism throughout the meet.

"I am so proud of the girls' attitude through the whole thing," Cattermole said. "They fought hard and kept going. That is what is most important."

Candace Slater and Brooke Haskett tied for first in the floor exercise with scores of 9.925. That score ties Haskett's career best, and broke Slater's previous career best of 9.900.

The Cougars swept the balance beam competition with Kari Lords taking first with a 9.925, and Trisha Ashton and Kirsten Pauga tying for second with a 9.875.

Misty Philbrick's bar routine was one of the highlights of the meet. After having some trouble during warm-ups, Philbrick nailed her routine. She took second place after teammate Brooke Haskett.

Another highlight of the meet according to Cattermole was having the BYU's gymnastics alumni in attendance for the meet. The alumnae got a chance to compete again after the meet was finished-in a handstand contest.

"It is always nice to have the alumnae come," he said. "It gives us a chance to renew old friendships."

The Cougars hit the road next week to compete against the Kentucky Wildcats on Friday.

Team Results

BYU 195.6

Boise State 193.725

Individual Results


1. Carla Chambers (Boise) 39.000

2. Lindsay Butterfield (BYU) 38.825

Vault: (BYU 48.55; Boise 48.35)

1. (tie) Meghan Donahue (BYU) and Megan Pessoa(BYU)9.800

3. Kea Cuaresma (Boise) 9.775

Other BYU scores:

Brogan Jacobsen: 9.675

Kirsten Pauga: 9.650

Lindsay Butterfield: 9.625

Trisha Ashton: 9.200

Uneven Bars: (BYU 48.725; Boise 48.7)

1. Brooke Haskett (BYU) 9.925

2. Misty Philbrick (BYU) 9.850

3. (tie) Lindsay Butterfield (BYU) and Kea Cuaresma (Boise) 9.825

Other BYU scores:

Brogan Jacobsen: 9.800

Kari Lords: 9.325

Lisa Willis: 9.325

Balance Beam: (BYU 49.15; Boise 48.125)

1. Kari Lords (BYU) 9.925

2. (tie) Trisha Ashton (BYU) and Kirsten Pauga (BYU) 9.875

Other BYU scores:

Lisa Willis: 9.750

Brooke Haskett: 9.725

Lindsay Butterfield: 9.650

Floor Exercise: (BYU 49.175; Boise 48.55)

1. (tie) Candace Slater (BYU) and Brooke Haskett (BYU) 9.925

3. Kari Lords (BYU) 9.875

Other BYU scores:

Brogan Jacobsen: 9.725

Lindsay Butterfield: 9.725

Kirsten Pauga: 9.275


Anonymous | Posted: 23 Jan 2003 | Updated: 28 Apr 2011

PROVO -- After opening the 2003 season on the road last week, the BYU women's gymnastics team will get its chance to compete at home Saturday night. The Cougars will host Boise State at the Smith Field House at 7 p.m. in the first home meet of the season.

Saturday's meet is Gymnastics' Great Clips night. Great clips will have hair-cutting stations at the meet to give people free haircuts as they watch.

"Boise State is a good team, a positive team," BYU head coach Brad Cattermole said. "They will definitely keep us on our toes."

Boise State scored 191.475 in its opening meet with Oklahoma and Utah State last week. In the 2002 season BYU scored a 195.775 and a 194.8 in competitions against Boise State.

The Cougars are going to have to work extra hard since the team's top all-arounder, sophomore Jaime Mabray, will be out with a broken foot for several weeks. Prior to suffering the injury, Mabray recorded the fifth-best all-around total nationally by a gymnast this year with a career-high 39.650 at Utah.

"We can't really replace Jaime," Cattermole said. "The girls are going to have to be more solid. They need to step up and go with confidence."

Cattermole also noted that Jaime doesn't account for what the team lost in falls against Utah in the team's opener last week.

"It isn't normal for us to fall so much on the bars," he said. "Brogan [Jacobsen] and Lindsay [Butterfield] are going to have to have to start hitting again, and help us get our scores back up."

Although they'll be competing without Mabray for the next few weeks, Cattermole is optimistic about the future.

"We'll fight through the best that we can," he said. "Teams that fight without getting demoralized do well at the end of the season."