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Meet the 2012 soccer freshman class

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PROVO, Utah - Meet the 2012 freshman class of the BYU women's soccer team. The seven newcomers hail from Utah, California and Oregon, and combine for numerous state championships with each one possessing at least two all-state recognitions.

2012 Recruits
Name: # 26 Miranda Bailey
Hometown: Loomis, Calif.
Highlight: Three-time First Team Sierra Foothill League selection

Name: # 27 Taylor Campbell
Hometown: Sandy, Utah
Highlight: First Team All-State in 2011

Name: # 19 Sarah Chambers
Hometown: Medford, Ore.
Highlight: Oregon All-State First Team in 2010

Name: # 25 Camille Green
Hometown: Bountiful, Utah
Highlight: First Team All-State from the Salt Lake Tribune

Name: # 9 Paige Hunt
Hometown: Bountiful, Utah
Highlight: First Team All-State in 2010 and 2011 from
the Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News

Name: # 16 Michelle Murphy
Hometown: Sandy, Utah
Highlight: 2011 Utah Ms. Soccer from Deseret News

Name: # 24 Courtnee Wood
Hometown: Layton, Utah
Highlight: 2011 Deseret News All-State Second Team

To introduce the new members of the team, the following questions were proposed.

1. Why did you decide to come to BYU?
Miranda: "I came to BYU because they have an amazing soccer program and it’s just always been a dream of mine since I was little. The school has amazing academics and standards, so it’s just an all-around great school"

Taylor: "It was truly a childhood dream. I had the opportunity of going to Oregon and Alabama, but this is what I wanted all along. The school and team have the same values that I have."

Sarah: "I decided to come to BYU for the good academics and athletics, and for the good spiritual atmosphere."

Camille: "Probably because of the standards and great people that are here."

Paige: "The program is amazing and I liked the coaches and staff a lot. Ever since I was little it has been a dream of mine."

Michelle: "I’ve dreamt about it my whole life, so when I got the offer it was literally a dream come true."

Courtnee: "Honestly, it’s been a childhood dream of mine, so to be able to play here is really such an honor. Also, along with the great soccer, the academics are very good and I love the atmosphere here."

2. What's one word you would use to describe this year's team?

Miranda: "Driven."

Taylor: "Talented."

Sarah: "Determined."

Camille: "Hard working."

Paige: "Determined."

Michelle: "Unified."

Courtnee: "Hard working."

3. What do you look forward to most this season?

Miranda: "I look forward to being a part of this team and playing games with them."

Taylor: "Getting to play. I'm also looking forward to the team's success."

Sarah: "I can't wait for our first home game with the crowd and getting to be in that atmosphere."

Camille: "I’m excited to see how our season goes and how much better we get with each game."

Paige: "Definitely our home games and being in the stadium with the atmosphere and with my team."

Michelle: "I’m excited to see how much we progress. Where we are right now, it’s only been a few weeks, and we already look great, so I can’t wait to see how far we can go."

Courtnee: "Being a part of this team, on and off the field. Being able to be with these girls is amazing and getting to be a part of this team is great."

4. Who's the best dancer on the team?

Miranda: "Camille Green."

Taylor: "Paige Hunt."

Sarah: "Erica Owens."

Camille: "Paige Hunt."

Paige: "Erica Owens."

Michelle: "Camille Green."

Courtnee: "Camille Green."

5. What's going to be one of the greatest strengths of this year's team?

Miranda: "We all know what we want, what our goals are and what we want to accomplish. Another huge strength is our leadership and experience. We have a lot of seniors who have done really well all four years"

Taylor: "I think how close all of us are is a strength. Being new to the team was different, but everyone has been very welcoming."

Sarah: "Our experience. We have a lot of upperclassmen who bring a lot of experience and knowledge to the game."

Camille: "I think our attack is definitely a strength and our middle is also really strong."

Paige: "There’s a lot of talent and drive, and we all have good chemistry. We all enjoy being with each other. Our seniors will also be a huge asset."

Michelle: "I think our ability to come together as a team and really move the ball is huge."

Courtnee: "Everyone has such passion for the game and really works hard to accomplish our team goals. The work rate of this team is probably the greatest strength. We have a lot of team goals – we want to take the WCC championship, so I think that’s a good thing to strive for and I know everyone’s working towards that."

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