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Another Season-Best at No. 8 Oregon State

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CORVALLIS -- The BYU gymnastics team enjoyed a season-high 194.925 in a head-to-head meet Friday at No. 8 Oregon State, but came up short against the Beaver's 197.150.

"We are very pleased with the girls' performance tonight," said BYU assistant coach Dawn Cattermole. "We had a good night, and this meet will help give the gymnasts the confidence they need."

The Cougars posted a season-best on beam, landing 48.700 on the event. Seven Cougars bolstered individual season-best scores in at least one event, three surpassing career-best posts. Senior Alethea Boon claimed a solid 39.100 in the in the all-around, only one of two gymnasts of the night to do so.

An overall 48.550 on bars started the BYU team off right. Freshman Madeleine Johnson swung her way to a career-best 9.750, but it was sophomore Melissa Hough who led the Cougars on the apparatus as she landed 9.775. Boon also grabbed season-high marks with 9.725.

Boon and senior Dayna Smart-Allen led the Cougars on vault, both sticking 9.800. The Cougars posted 48.725 on the apparatus, the second highest mark of the year.

BYU stuck a sound 48.950 on floor exercises. Junior Hayley Jensen posted the highest score for the Cougar squad at 9.850, tying her career-best performance. Boon and sophomore Danielle Goldman both posted 9.800 on the event, a career-high for the Goldman. Closely following, sophomore Kiki Berrett landed a season-high 9.775.

The Cougars ended strong on beam with their 48.700 performance. In a career-high posting, Jensen topped the squad with 9.825. Johnson grabbed career-best 9.700 score of her own, while sophomore Kaylee Gallup landed a season-high 9.775 on the event.

"We started strong and we able to finish strong tonight," Cattermole said. "It was a good meet tonight, but we are looking forward to a large home crowd next week."

The BYU squad will return to Provo to face Southeast Missouri State on Wednesday. The meet will start at 7 p.m. in the Smith Fieldhouse.

eam StandingTop

Place TeamScore

1 Oregon State197.150

2 Brigham Young194.925

Oregon State

Head Coach: Tanya ChaplinTop

GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

Brooke Barclay9.800

Kera Bolen 9.725 9.850

Laura-Ann Chong 9.825 9.800

Megan Devencenzi9.675 9.075

Jen Kesler 9.925 9.825 9.825

Yuki Lamb9.875 9.675

Jami Lanz9.875 9.900 9.925 9.900 39.600

Claire Pierce 9.675

Mandi Rodriguez9.925 9.825 9.900

Tasha Smith9.850 9.825 10.000

Whitney Watson 9.825

Team Totals49.325 49.300 49.050 49.475 197.150

Brigham Young

Head Coach: Brad CattermoleTop

GymnastVault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

Kiki Berrett9.650 9.775

Alethea Boon9.800 9.725 9.775 9.800 39.100

Megan Donehue 9.100

Kylee Draper-Marvin 9.650 9.625 9.675

Kaylee Gallup 9.775

Danielle Goldman9.750 9.800

Melissa Hough 9.775

Hayley Jensen9.725 9.825 9.850

Madeleine Johnson 9.750 9.700

McKell Poulson 9.650

Heidi Poulson-Rasmussen9.575 9.725

Dayna Smart-Allen9.800 9.125

Team Totals48.725 48.550 48.700 48.950 194.925

Vault ResultsTop

Place Gymnast TeamScore

1 Mandi Rodriguez Oregon State9.925

2 Yuki Lamb Oregon State9.875

2 Jami Lanz Oregon State9.875

4 Tasha Smith Oregon State9.850

5 Dayna Smart-Allen Brigham Young9.800

5 Alethea Boon Brigham Young9.800

5 Brooke Barclay Oregon State9.800

8 Danielle Goldman Brigham Young9.750

9 Hayley Jensen Brigham Young9.725

10 Megan Devencenzi Oregon State9.675

11 Kiki Berrett Brigham Young9.650

12 Heidi Poulson-Rasmussen Brigham Young9.575

Uneven Parallel Bars ResultsTop

Place Gymnast TeamScore

1 Jen Kesler Oregon State9.925

2 Jami Lanz Oregon State9.900

3 Whitney Watson Oregon State9.825

3 Laura-Ann Chong Oregon State9.825

3 Mandi Rodriguez Oregon State9.825

6 Melissa Hough Brigham Young9.775

7 Madeleine Johnson Brigham Young9.750

8 Alethea Boon Brigham Young9.725

8 Kera Bolen Oregon State9.725

10 McKell Poulson Brigham Young9.650

10 Kylee Draper-Marvin Brigham Young9.650

12 Megan Donehue Brigham Young9.100

Balance Beam ResultsTop

Place Gymnast TeamScore

1 Jami Lanz Oregon State9.925

2 Hayley Jensen Brigham Young9.825

2 Jen Kesler Oregon State9.825

2 Tasha Smith Oregon State9.825

5 Laura-Ann Chong Oregon State9.800

6 Kaylee Gallup Brigham Young9.775

6 Alethea Boon Brigham Young9.775

8 Madeleine Johnson Brigham Young9.700

9 Yuki Lamb Oregon State9.675

9 Claire Pierce Oregon State9.675

11 Kylee Draper-Marvin Brigham Young9.625

12 Dayna Smart-Allen Brigham Young9.125

Floor Exercise ResultsTop

Place Gymnast TeamScore

1 Tasha Smith Oregon State10.000

2 Mandi Rodriguez Oregon State9.900

2 Jami Lanz Oregon State9.900

4 Hayley Jensen Brigham Young9.850

4 Kera Bolen Oregon State9.850

6 Jen Kesler Oregon State9.825

7 Danielle Goldman Brigham Young9.800

7 Alethea Boon Brigham Young9.800

9 Kiki Berrett Brigham Young9.775

10 Heidi Poulson-Rasmussen Brigham Young9.725

11 Kylee Draper-Marvin Brigham Young9.675

12 Megan Devencenzi Oregon State9.075

All Around ResultsTop

Place Gymnast TeamScore

1 Jami Lanz Oregon State39.600

2 Alethea Boon Brigham Young39.100

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