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Anonymous | Posted: 11 Jan 2003 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Women's Team Falls to Oregon State


PROVO -- In their first meet in more than four weeks, the BYU women's swim team fell to Oregon State University from the Pac-10 on Saturday by a score of 131-106.

The Beavers' roster boasted two athletes who have already qualified for the NCAA Championships in Naya Higashijima, and Birte Steven. Despite the stiff competition, the Cougars swam evenly with the Beavers for most of the meet.

"I thought we had a chance to win," said women's head coach Stan Crump. "We were a little slow in spots and we were fast in other spots."

The Cougars started out the meet by taking the second and third place spots in the 200-medley relay. BYU failed to place in the 1000 free, but followed that up by claiming the second and third-place finishes in the 200 free.

In her first meet this season, senior All-American Cortnee Adams took the 50 and 100 free events with scores of 23.81 and 52.03 respectively. Adams times bested the competition by more than a full second in each event.

Due to sickness that seems to be circulating the team, the Cougars were forced to make changes in the line-up that took some swimmers out of their strongest events.

"We had no true 200 free swimmers which caused us to make some changes that ended up hurting us in the 200 fly," said Crump.

Crump and the rest of the Cougars are optimistic about the remaining meets and feel confident that the team will be ready for the conference championships in February.

The Cougars' next opponent is Colorado State next week in Ft. Collins.

"The girls raced well today," said Crump. "CSU is a big meet."

The meet gets underway at 6:00 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 17.

BYU vs Oregon State - 1/11/03


Event 1 Women 200 Yard Medley Relay

Team Relay Finals Time

1 OSU A 1:47.63

2 BYU A 1:49.05

Burrows, Nichole Grant, Amanda

Juvan, Lyndi Adams, Cortnee

28.30 30.31 26.97 23.47

3 BYU B 1:50.74

Schlup, Natasha Covington, Tamber

Merrell, Aubrey Lambert, Jamie

28.57 30.03 27.48 24.66

4 OSU B 1:54.27

5 BYU C x1:56.19

Bates, Nikki Grant, Melanie

Mann, Amber Egan, Kristi

30.45 31.97 27.85 25.92

Event 2 Women 1000 Yard Free

Name Team Finals Time

1 Higashijima, Naya OSU 10:36.64

2 Kuhlmey, Kristi OSU 10:39.75

3 Kinney, Danielle OSU 10:57.82

4 McClellan, Amy BYU 11:02.32

5 McMinn, Jillian OSU x11:03.63

6 Garrick, Amy BYU 11:19.81

7 Mason, Rachel BYU 11:28.97

Event 3 Women 200 Yard Free

Name Team Finals Time

1 Steven, Birte OSU 1:54.01

2 Grant, Amanda BYU 1:56.14

3 Ferrell, Monica BYU 1:57.41

4 Kinney, Christina OSU 1:59.08

5 Hong, Jessie OSU 2:00.02

6 Pederson, Becky BYU 2:00.33

7 Schlup, Natasha BYU x2:03.07

8 Svoboda, Leanne OSU x2:04.49

--- Wohlford, Sarah BYU X

Event 4 Women 50 Yard Free

Name Team Finals Time

1 Adams, Cortnee BYU 23.81

2 Huston, Kristin OSU 24.57

3 Burrows, Nichole BYU 24.69

4 Starkey, Suzanne OSU 25.10

5 Pacebutaite, Ausra OSU 25.26

6 Rappleye, Kathryn BYU 25.32

7 Lambert, Jamie BYU x25.43

8 Foree, Lynsey OSU x26.81

--- Wohlford, Sarah BYU X27.48

Event 5 Women 400 Yard IM

Name Team Finals Time

1 Miroslaw, Monika OSU 4:34.20

2 Covington, Tamber BYU 4:37.93

3 Schaab, Leah OSU 4:39.30

4 Emberston, Mari OSU 4:43.25

5 Nelson, Julie BYU 4:47.33

6 Egan, Kristi BYU 4:48.28

7 VanDenBurghe, Diane BYU x4:53.48

Event 6 Women 1 mtr Diving

Name Team Finals Score

1 Low, Aubrey BYU 224.63

2 Routsong, Rachelle BYU 207.22

3 Morrow, Tina BYU 187.72

4 Campbell, Ashley BYU x176.25

5 Dahl, Tessa BYU x167.68

Event 7 Women 200 Yard Fly

Name Team Finals Time

1 Higashijima, Naya OSU 2:06.44

2 Miroslaw, Monika OSU 2:08.59

3 Kinney, Christina OSU 2:12.39

4 Majaj, Hana BYU 2:15.63

5 Merrell, Aubrey BYU 2:16.09

6 McMinn, Jillian OSU x2:17.92

7 Juvan, Lyndi BYU 2:18.58

8 Mann, Amber BYU x2:20.98

Event 8 Women 100 Yard Free

Name Team Finals Time

1 Adams, Cortnee BYU 52.03

2 Huston, Kristin OSU 53.64

3 Finlay, Paula OSU 54.50

4 Bloom, Shannon BYU 54.66

5 Pederson, Becky BYU 55.39

6 Rappleye, Kathryn BYU x55.49

7 Keown, Chelsea OSU 57.79

8 Svoboda, Leanne OSU x58.60

Event 9 Women 200 Yard Back

Name Team Finals Time

1 Pacebutaite, Ausra OSU 2:05.90

2 Schlup, Natasha BYU 2:07.38

3 Burrows, Nichole BYU 2:09.41

4 McClellan, Amy BYU 2:11.95

5 Thomas, Ashleigh OSU 2:14.46

6 Hong, Jessie OSU 2:15.58

7 Bates, Nikki BYU x2:19.14

--- Wohlford, Sarah BYU X2:20.31

--- Kemp, Melissa BYU X2:21.69

Event 10 Women 500 Yard Free

Name Team Finals Time

1 Higashijima, Naya OSU 5:10.34

2 Kuhlmey, Kristi OSU 5:12.79

3 Ferrell, Monica BYU 5:13.26

4 Kinney, Danielle OSU 5:17.80

5 Nelson, Julie BYU 5:23.13

6 Garrick, Amy BYU 5:29.73

7 VanDenBurghe, Diane BYU x5:36.32

Event 11 Women 3 mtr Diving

Name Team Finals Score

1 Routsong, Rachelle BYU 233.48

2 Low, Aubrey BYU 233.25

3 Morrow, Tina BYU 201.30

4 Dahl, Tessa BYU x184.80

5 Campbell, Ashley BYU x151.43

Event 12 Women 200 Yard Breast

Name Team Finals Time

1 Steven, Birte OSU 2:17.19

2 Covington, Tamber BYU 2:19.87

3 Finlay, Paula OSU 2:21.46

4 Grant, Amanda BYU 2:23.45

5 Grant, Melanie BYU 2:26.29

6 Emberston, Mari OSU 2:28.29

7 Lambert, Jamie BYU x2:29.47

8 Schaab, Leah OSU x2:30.21

Event 12A Women 100 Yard Breast

Name Team Finals Time

--- Predium, Laura Kay BYU X1:09.77

--- Kemp, Melissa BYU X1:15.70

--- Wohlford, Sarah BYU X1:16.99

Event 13 Women 400 Yard Free Relay

Team Relay Finals Time

1 OSU A 3:35.54

2 BYU A 3:35.93

Bloom, Shannon Ferrell, Monica

Pederson, Becky Rappleye, Kathryn

26.47 29.01 25.94 27.81

26.12 28.29 24.95 27.34

3 BYU B 3:47.24

Bates, Nikki Nelson, Julie

Egan, Kristi McClellan, Amy

27.65 29.40 27.41 29.25

26.87 30.22 26.70 29.74

4 BYU C x3:51.09

Garrick, Amy Mann, Amber

VanDenBurghe, Diane Predium, Laura Kay

28.90 30.38 27.90 30.10

27.13 29.71 26.54 30.43

--- OSU B DQ


Anonymous | Posted: 8 Jan 2003 | Updated: 10 May 2011

PROVO -- The BYU men's and women's swimming teams will be back in action this week as each team plays host to different schools over the weekend. The BYU men will go head-to-head with No. 24 Washington University and the women will be facing off against Oregon State.

The contest will be the first home meet for the Cougars since their home opener against in-state rival Utah on Nov. 1, and only their second home meet of the season.

"Washington is a tough school," said men's head coach Tim Powers. "They are a strong all across the board."

BYU has not competed in more than four weeks. In their last meet, the Cougars won the Speedo Cup Invitational in Irvine, Cali., on Dec. 7.

"Washington competed during the holiday break and did not," said Powers. "We held workout instead, so hopefully we will be ready to go.

The Huskies competed in the New Year's Invitational on Jan. 3, where they claimed first place over seven other teams.

For the women, the Cougars will be swimming against the Beavers of Oregon State, a team they defeated BYU last season.

"We are going to have to swim hard to win," said women's head coach Stan Crump. "Oregon beat us last year, but this year we will have diving to help us out."

The Beavers bring a loaded roster with them as two of the swimmers, Naya Higashijima and Birte Steven, have already qualified for the NCAA Championships.

As with the men's team, the women have not competed since the Speedo Cup Invitational in December. "We have been training really hard this last week and throughout the Christmas break," said Crump.

Oregon is coming off of four dual meet wins on Dec. 20, 2002.

The men's and the women's meets will get underway in the Stephen L. Richards Building on Friday, Jan. 10, at 1:00 p.m. and Saturday, Jan. 11, at 11:00 a.m., respectively.