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Aug 10 | 07:00 PM
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wcraft | Posted: 10 Aug 2011 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Scoreless Blue & White Showcases Talented Squad


PROVO, Utah - The BYU women's soccer team showcased its talented squad in the annual Blue & White game which ended scoreless at South Field on Wednesday. 

This was the first scoreless Blue & White game the Cougars have played since 2002. 

The team split to compete against each other in three 25-minute periods. Both sides had many good chances at the goal but, in the end, couldn't quite find the back of the net against the three talented goalies who saw minutes. Freshman Hilary Smith, sophomore Katherine Snyder and senior McKinzie Olson all were able to see time on the field and all made great saves against their own teammates. 

Period one was highlighted by a two v. one attack from forwards Carlee Payne and Jennie Marshall on Snyder in the goal, who was able to save the ball after a strong strike from Payne. The second period saw a lot more back-and-forth action with Lauren Anderson Cosby getting the closest-to-score shot, again, at Snyder. Marshall had another great look in the third period but ended up shooting the ball just barely wide, to the right. 

UNLV transfer Colette Jepson also saw some great minutes at the forward position, got in two shots and will be a nice addition to BYU's already-powerful offensive attack.

The squad heads for Colorado on Saturday to test their skills on the road in an exhibition game against Colorado College. The game kicks off at 1 p.m. MT.

BYU head coach Jennifer Rockwood:

"We've really been working hard in the weeks leading up to this and we've been playing a few more full-field schrimages than we usually do, and you can tell the girls are a little tired. We've got some strained hamstrings and things so we're trying to be a little bit careful but overall I think it was a great performance. I was pleased with our freshman, this was the first time they'd put on a jersey and performed in front of fans so I'm very pleased. I think we've made some good strides. You really need to get out in a game situation like this to see what you can still work on."

“A lot of times, especially at the beginning of the year, you get out on the field you and get anxious, you get excited and you just want to move the ball forward and score goals. Tonight we weren’t connecting as much as we usually do and weren’t moving the ball as comfortably as we should. That’s one of the reason’s we are getting out on the road for this upcoming exhibition, so we can work on those little things and get better. Everyday’s a step.”

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wcraft | Posted: 9 Aug 2011 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Blue & White Game Wednesday Night


PROVO, Utah - The start of the 2011 BYU women's soccer team will kick-off this Wednesday at 7 p.m. with a Blue & White game on South Field. 

Entrance on Wednesday is FREE for all guests.

Come see the new squad in action as they split the roster and play a full-length game against each other. The Blue & White game is the first in this week's action as the team heads to Colorado College on Saturday for an exhibition game.