Mar 28 | 07:00 PM
2nd - 193.850
Brigham Young University
1st - 197.100
University of Utah
Anonymous | Posted: 28 Mar 2008 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Boon Leads No. 28 Cougars at Utah


SALT LAKE CITY -- In her sixth all-around performance of the season senior Alethea Boon finished her career leading the No. 28 BYU gymnastics team to a 193.850 posting Friday night against the No. 2 Univesity of Utah. The Utes came out on top recording 197.100 on the night.

"The girls did a pretty good job adjusting," said BYU Head Coach Brad Cattermole. "Sometimes it's hard to figure out reasoning behind the results of each meet, but with all things considered the girls did pretty well."

Boon recorded 38.075 in the all-around and lead the squad on vault, scoring 9.850 on the apparatus.

The Cougars got off to a bit of a rough start and had a tough time recovering. Suffering two falls on the uneven bars, BYU recorded 48.075 on the event. Senior Kylee Draper-Marvin led the squad landing 9.825, with sophomores Megan Donehue and Melissa Hough at 9.750.

Moving to vault, BYU landed 48.700 on the apparatus. Senior Dayna Smart-Allen followed Boon's 9.850, as she stuck a 9.825 score performance.

On floor exercises the Cougars recorded 48.450 on the event. Junior Hayley Jensen rounded out the Cougars' performances with a 9.775 score, the highest for BYU on floor. Danielle Goldman, who lead off for BYU came in behind Jensen with 9.700.

Finishing the meet on beam, the Cougars landed 48.625 on the apparatus. Smart-Allen led the squad landing 9.850, with sophomore Kaylee Gallup just behind a 9.775.

With this meet finishing regular-season competition, the Cougar squad is now looking toward Regionals. The destination assignments for Regionals will be announced Monday at 3 p.m. MT. Cattermole said his team is ready to preparing for the competition.

"We're going to give them a little rest and then hit it hard," Cattermole said. "I think this meet will help us focus and work hard for what is ahead."

Team Standing Top  

Place Team Score

1 UTAH 197.100

2 BYU 193.850


Head Coach: Greg Marsden Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

Kristina Baskett 9.875 9.975 9.850 9.075 38.775

Daria Bijak 9.175 9.875 9.900 9.825 38.775

Jamie Deetscreek 9.775 9.775

Annie DiLuzio 9.800 9.825 9.875

Jessica Duke 9.850

Nina Kim 9.725 9.875

Katie Kivisto 9.725

Gael Mackie 9.875

Ashley Postell 9.925 9.900 10.000 9.900 39.725

Kyndal Robarts 9.825 9.700

Team Totals 49.150 49.475 49.450 49.025 197.100


Head Coach: Brad Cattermole Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

Hayley Jensen 9.650 9.700 9.775

Danielle Goldman 9.650 9.700

Kaylee Gallup 9.725

Madeleine Johnson 9.025 9.675

Kiki Berrett 9.125

Alethea Boon 9.850 8.900 9.675 9.650 38.075

Melissa Hough 9.750

Kylee Draper-Marvin 9.825 9.100 9.650

Heidi Poulson-Rasmussen 9.675

McKell Poulsen 9.725

Dayna Smart-Allen 9.825 9.850 9.650

Megan Donehue 9.725 9.750

Team Totals 48.700 48.075 48.625 48.450 193.850

Vault Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Ashley Postell UTAH 9.925

2 Kristina Baskett UTAH 9.875

3 Alethea Boon BYU 9.850

4 Kyndal Robarts UTAH 9.825

4 Dayna Smart-Allen BYU 9.825

6 Annie DiLuzio UTAH 9.800

7 Nina Kim UTAH 9.725

7 Megan Donehue BYU 9.725

9 Danielle Goldman BYU 9.650

9 Hayley Jensen BYU 9.650

11 Daria Bijak UTAH 9.175

12 Kiki Berrett BYU 9.125

Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Kristina Baskett UTAH 9.975

2 Ashley Postell UTAH 9.900

3 Gael Mackie UTAH 9.875

3 Daria Bijak UTAH 9.875

5 Jessica Duke UTAH 9.850

6 Kylee Draper-Marvin BYU 9.825

7 Jamie Deetscreek UTAH 9.775

8 Melissa Hough BYU 9.750

8 Megan Donehue BYU 9.750

10 McKell Poulsen BYU 9.725

11 Madeleine Johnson BYU 9.025

12 Alethea Boon BYU 8.900

Balance Beam Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Ashley Postell UTAH 10.000

2 Daria Bijak UTAH 9.900

3 Nina Kim UTAH 9.875

4 Kristina Baskett UTAH 9.850

4 Dayna Smart-Allen BYU 9.850

6 Annie DiLuzio UTAH 9.825

7 Jamie Deetscreek UTAH 9.775

8 Kaylee Gallup BYU 9.725

9 Hayley Jensen BYU 9.700

10 Madeleine Johnson BYU 9.675

10 Alethea Boon BYU 9.675

12 Kylee Draper-Marvin BYU 9.100

Floor Exercise Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Ashley Postell UTAH 9.900

2 Annie DiLuzio UTAH 9.875

3 Daria Bijak UTAH 9.825

4 Hayley Jensen BYU 9.775

5 Katie Kivisto UTAH 9.725

6 Kyndal Robarts UTAH 9.700

6 Danielle Goldman BYU 9.700

8 Heidi Poulson-Rasmussen BYU 9.675

9 Alethea Boon BYU 9.650

9 Kylee Draper-Marvin BYU 9.650

9 Dayna Smart-Allen BYU 9.650

12 Kristina Baskett UTAH 9.075

All Around Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Ashley Postell UTAH 39.725

2 Kristina Baskett UTAH 38.775

2 Daria Bijak UTAH 38.775

4 Alethea Boon BYU 38.075


Anonymous | Posted: 26 Mar 2008 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Regular Season to Finish at Utah


PROVO -- Coming off solid two-meets last week, the No. 28 BYU gymnastics team will take the short trip north to face instate rival No. 2 University of Utah on Friday. The meet will start at 7 p.m. in the Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City.

Friday's meet will mark the Cougars' last regular-season meet this year, but BYU head coach Brad Cattermole is excited to see how the gymnasts perform.

"It is always a fun meet to be at Utah and the girls are feeling good about the end of the season," Cattermole said. "What we're going to do is the best we can."

Last week, BYU competed twice and recorded sound postings. On Monday the Cougar squad competed with Southern Utah, which resulted in an outright 195.000 tie with the Thunderbirds. Senior Dayna Smart-Allen helped the Cougars land their second-highest overall score of the season. She claimed three of four individual titles on the evening.

On Friday, BYU traveled to University of Arizona to compete in a triangular meet with Cal State Fullerton. The Cougars 194.225 score topped Cal State's 191.400, but fell behind Arizona's 196.125 performance.

This will be only the second time the BYU and Utah gymnastics teams have met under the newly created Deseret Duel series, but this actually is the 84th time the two teams have met in program history. The Utes hold an 81-2 advantage in the series. The last time the Cougars topped the Utes was in 1998 in the Marriott Center. This is the second time the Cougars and Utes have gone head-to-head this season. On Feb. 8, the Utes topped the Cougars 196.700-193.925 in BYU's Marriott Center.

Cougar fans who are unable to attend the meet in Salt Lake City can follow the meet live via live stats and internet streaming found at: The meet will also be video taped delayed by KTVX, CSTV and The Mtn.