Mar 23 | 07:00 PM
1st - 195.675
Brigham Young University
2nd - 195.300
University of Arizona
3rd - 194.875
Southern Utah University
Brett Pyne | Posted: 23 Mar 2007 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020
Brett Pyne

Floor Raises BYU in Tri Meet


Dayna Smart ties Second-Best Floor Mark in School History

PROVO -- BYU saved the best for last to defeat No. 14 Arizona and No. 34 Southern Utah in a tri meet in the Marriott Center Friday night. Scoring a season-high 49.450 on floor in the final rotation, the 26th-rated Cougars came from behind for the win.

"I was very pleased with the team tonight," BYU coach Brad Cattermole said. "I told the girls to go out and have fun and not to worry about the score. They did a good job of that. We fought all the way to the end."

BYU finished the meet with a 195.675 score, followed by Arizona at 195.300 and Southern Utah at 194.875. The highlight of the night was delivered by BYU's Dayna Smart, who tied the second-best floor score in the history of BYU gymnastics with a 9.975 performance.

"I knew it was a good routine but I didn't know how good it was," Smart said. "I was happy (when I saw the score posted)."

BYU scored 48.675 on vault to open the meet with Smart equaling her career high with a 9.900 effort to lead the Cougars. Hayley Jensen also posted her best vault of the year with a 9.775 to help BYU as it competed in the event without the nation's 25th-ranked vaulter Alethea Boon, who was held out of vault due to an injury. Arizona started on beam with a 48.525 score while Southern Utah claimed the early lead after one rotation with a 49.100 on floor, led by Leah Sakhitab's 9.900.

The Cougars recorded their best score of the year on bars (49.000) in the second rotation thanks to five solid performances. Kylee Draper tied her career high and Boon set her person best as both scored 9.875 to lead the way. Kacie Capra-Callens followed at 9.825 while Lisa Willis tied her season-high score of 9.725 and Aimee Walker-Pond counted towards the tally at 9.700.

BYU's two-event score of 97.675 followed Southern Utah as the Thunderbirds scored 48.700 on vault for a 97.800 running score. Arizona followed at 97.350 after improving with a 48.825 on floor in their second event.

Southern Utah kept up the pressure in the third rotation with Elise Wheeler and Kellie Dangerfield both tying the school record of 9.900 to finish off SUU's bars lineup for a season-high 49.150 team tally and event-best running score of 147.075. Arizona (146.350) slid past BYU (146.225) in the overall scoring thanks to a 49.000 on vault while BYU totaled 48.550 on beam. The best beam performance for the Cougars was a 9.800 delivered by Smart, who ranks 17th nationally on the event.

BYU saved the best for last as it started strong on floor with freshmen gymnasts Heidi Poulson and Kiki Berrett both achieving personal bests of 9.850. Willis followed with a season-high 9.925 and Draper earned the team's third 9.850, a career best for the junior co-captain, before Smart stepped up and delivered a floor routine that has only been topped once (Brogan Jacobsen's perfect 10 in 2003) in the history of BYU gymnastics. The floor score pushed BYU to the win as Arizona totaled 48.950 on bars and SUU tallied a 47.925 on beam.

Arizona's Karin Wurm won the all-around (39.425) followed by SUU's Sakhitab (39.250). BYU did not compete a gymnast in all four events, but Smart won both the vault (9.900) and floor (9.975) events while Wurm earned the top score on bars (9,925) and Wildcat teammate Danielle Hicks was the top performer on beam (9.900).

The Cougars will return to the Marriott Center again next weekend when they take on perennial-power Utah Friday night. The meet will be the final meet of the season before NCAA Regionals the second week in April.

Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

Host: BYU Cougars

Meet: Arizona Wildcats, SUU T-Birds @ BYU Cougars _70323 March 23, 2007

Location: Marriot Ctr BYU Provo UT 84602 Home Meet

Contents: Event Results Team Results

Vault Team Standing

Uneven Parallel Bars BYU Cougars

Balance Beam Arizona Wildcats

Floor Exercise SUU ThunderBirds

All Around Judge List

Team Standing Top

Place Team Score

1 BYU Cougars 195.675

2 Arizona Wildcats 195.300

3 SUU ThunderBirds 194.875

BYU Cougars Home

Head Coach: Brad CATTERMOLE Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

BERRETT, Kiki 9.650 9.850

BOON, Alethea 9.875 9.775

CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie 9.825 9.675 9.575

DONEHUE, Megan 9.600

DRAPER, Kylee 9.875 9.850

GALLUP, Kaylee 9.700

GOLDMAN, Danielle 9.100

JENSEN, Hayley 9.775 9.600

KERBIS, Jenna 9.750

POULSON, Heidi 9.850

POULSON, Mckell 9.250

SMART, Dayna 9.900 9.800 9.975

WALKER-POND, Aimee 9.700

WILLIS, Lisa 9.725 9.575 9.925

Team Totals 48.675 49.000 48.550 49.450 195.675

Arizona Wildcats

Head Coach: Bill RYDEN Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

SILBERG, Rachelle 9.825

MORGAN, Brittney 9.800 9.775 8.525 9.825 37.925

SPECHT, Sarah 9.775 9.825 9.450

BERGESON, Briana 9.575 9.650

RUSSELL, Miranda 9.775 9.800 9.800 9.225 38.600

WURM, Karin 9.825 9.925 9.800 9.875 39.425

ALVEY, Suzanne 9.625

HICKS, Danielle 9.775 9.900 9.825

HOLTON, Jamie 9.375 9.850

Team Totals 49.000 48.950 48.525 48.825 195.300

SUU ThunderBirds

Head Coach: Scott BAUMAN Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

DANGERFIELD, Kellie 9.900 9.875 9.800

HICKS, Katie 9.675 9.300 9.800

KEENO-DOUGLAS, Tehani 9.725 9.750

MORGAN, Erin 9.075 9.825 9.225

SAKHITAB, Leah 9.750 9.800 9.800 9.900 39.250

JOHNSON, Melissa 9.675

WHEELER, Elise 9.800 9.900 9.200 9.850 38.750

GARCIA, Shayla 9.800 9.700 9.725 9.725 38.950

Team Totals 48.700 49.150 47.925 49.100 194.875

Vault Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.900

2 SILBERG, Rachelle Arizona Wildcats 9.825

2 WURM, Karin Arizona Wildcats 9.825

4 GARCIA, Shayla SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

4 WHEELER, Elise SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

4 MORGAN, Brittney Arizona Wildcats 9.800

7 JENSEN, Hayley BYU Cougars 9.775

7 HICKS, Danielle Arizona Wildcats 9.775

7 RUSSELL, Miranda Arizona Wildcats 9.775

7 SPECHT, Sarah Arizona Wildcats 9.775

11 KERBIS, Jenna BYU Cougars 9.750

11 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 9.750

13 HICKS, Katie SUU ThunderBirds 9.675

13 JOHNSON, Melissa SUU ThunderBirds 9.675

15 BERRETT, Kiki BYU Cougars 9.650

16 DONEHUE, Megan BYU Cougars 9.600

17 GOLDMAN, Danielle BYU Cougars 9.100

18 MORGAN, Erin SUU ThunderBirds 9.075

Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 WURM, Karin Arizona Wildcats 9.925

2 WHEELER, Elise SUU ThunderBirds 9.900

2 DANGERFIELD, Kellie SUU ThunderBirds 9.900

4 BOON, Alethea BYU Cougars 9.875

4 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.875

6 CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.825

6 MORGAN, Erin SUU ThunderBirds 9.825

6 SPECHT, Sarah Arizona Wildcats 9.825

9 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

9 RUSSELL, Miranda Arizona Wildcats 9.800

11 MORGAN, Brittney Arizona Wildcats 9.775

12 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.725

12 KEENO-DOUGLAS, Tehani SUU ThunderBirds 9.725

14 WALKER-POND, Aimee BYU Cougars 9.700

14 GARCIA, Shayla SUU ThunderBirds 9.700

16 ALVEY, Suzanne Arizona Wildcats 9.625

17 BERGESON, Briana Arizona Wildcats 9.575

18 POULSON, Mckell BYU Cougars 9.250

Balance Beam Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 HICKS, Danielle Arizona Wildcats 9.900

2 DANGERFIELD, Kellie SUU ThunderBirds 9.875

3 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.800

3 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

3 RUSSELL, Miranda Arizona Wildcats 9.800

3 WURM, Karin Arizona Wildcats 9.800

7 BOON, Alethea BYU Cougars 9.775

8 GARCIA, Shayla SUU ThunderBirds 9.725

9 GALLUP, Kaylee BYU Cougars 9.700

10 CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.675

11 BERGESON, Briana Arizona Wildcats 9.650

12 JENSEN, Hayley BYU Cougars 9.600

13 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.575

14 HOLTON, Jamie Arizona Wildcats 9.375

15 HICKS, Katie SUU ThunderBirds 9.300

16 MORGAN, Erin SUU ThunderBirds 9.225

17 WHEELER, Elise SUU ThunderBirds 9.200

18 MORGAN, Brittney Arizona Wildcats 8.525

Floor Exercise Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 SMART, Dayna BYU Cougars 9.975

2 WILLIS, Lisa BYU Cougars 9.925

3 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 9.900

4 WURM, Karin Arizona Wildcats 9.875

5 POULSON, Heidi BYU Cougars 9.850

5 BERRETT, Kiki BYU Cougars 9.850

5 DRAPER, Kylee BYU Cougars 9.850

5 WHEELER, Elise SUU ThunderBirds 9.850

5 HOLTON, Jamie Arizona Wildcats 9.850

10 MORGAN, Brittney Arizona Wildcats 9.825

10 HICKS, Danielle Arizona Wildcats 9.825

12 HICKS, Katie SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

12 DANGERFIELD, Kellie SUU ThunderBirds 9.800

14 KEENO-DOUGLAS, Tehani SUU ThunderBirds 9.750

15 GARCIA, Shayla SUU ThunderBirds 9.725

16 CAPRA-CALLENS, Kacie BYU Cougars 9.575

17 SPECHT, Sarah Arizona Wildcats 9.450

18 RUSSELL, Miranda Arizona Wildcats 9.225

All Around Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 WURM, Karin Arizona Wildcats 39.425

2 SAKHITAB, Leah SUU ThunderBirds 39.250

3 GARCIA, Shayla SUU ThunderBirds 38.950

4 WHEELER, Elise SUU ThunderBirds 38.750

5 RUSSELL, Miranda Arizona Wildcats 38.600

6 MORGAN, Brittney Arizona Wildcats 37.925

Meet Judges Top


Judge 1 Marian DEWANE National

Judge 2 Teresa BOUDREAUX Level 10

Uneven Parallel Bars

Judge 1 Janet McNALL National

Judge 2 Tracey SMITH National

Balance Beam

Judge 1 Kim BIRD National

Judge 2 Jill ROUNDY Level 10

Floor Exercise

Judge 1 Charity GREENE National

Judge 2 Kandra GRAHAM Level 10

PLEASE NOTE: All scores are unofficial until verified at end of meet. For


Anonymous | Posted: 21 Mar 2007 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Wildcats, Thunderbirds Invade Marriott Center


Cougars Looking to Improve Regional Seeding

PROVO -- If back-to-back triangular meets weren't enough, the BYU gymnastics team will have one more when it plays host to No. 14 Arizona and in-state foe Southern Utah Friday in the Marriott Center.

With just two meets left, both of which are at home, BYU is looking to score high to improve its seeding when the NCAA Regional brackets are announced on April 2. The Cougars currently sit in the fifth spot in the North Central Region with the top six moving on to Regionals on April 14.

"We are getting some people back from injury," BYU coach Brad Cattermole said. "That will give us a better chance to get the scores we are looking for. We have to hit and be consistent like we are capable of. If we can get mid 195 to low 196, we'll have a chance to move up higher."

BYU holds a Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) of 194.440 and is ranked No. 26 in the latest polls released by Troester Consulting Monday morning. The Cougars are ranked No. 17 on balance beam with Dayna Smart ranked No. 13 on the event. Alethea Boon is ranked No. 25 on vault.

Last week in Denver, Boon picked up the first all-around title of her career while helping BYU to its second-highest floor score of the season at 48.925. Smart had strong routines on both vault and floor, while Hayley Jensen recorded a career best on beam. Freshmen Heidi Poulson and Danielle Goldman also recorded career highs on floor.

Arizona comes into Friday's meet riding the momentum of a season-high 196.650 in a quad meet last week. The Wildcats boast an RQS of 195.855 and are led by Karin Wurm, Brittney Morgan, Miranda Russell and Danielle Hicks.

No. 34 SUU enters the meet also coming off a season-best performance last weekend. The Thunderbirds recorded a 195.175 in a victory against Boise State and are competing with Iowa and Utah State for the last spot in the North Central Regional. SUU has an RQS of 193.775 and is led by Leah Sakhitab, Elise Wheeeler, Shayla Garcia and Jess Langley.

Start time is scheduled for 7 p.m. The meet will be shown live on BYUTV, and live stats will be available on the women's gymnastics homepage at