Mar 09 | 07:00 PM
2nd - 195.125
Brigham Young University
1st - 195.375
Utah State University
3rd - 194.675
Oregon State University
Anonymous | Posted: 9 Mar 2007 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

BYU Vaults, Swings Past 195 Mark


PROVO -- Season-high scores on vault and uneven bars sparked the BYU women's gymnastics team to a 195.125 outing and its second-best team mark of the season.

The Cougars took second in the triangular meet just behind No. 10 Oregon State, who finished with a 195.375. Utah State took third at 194.675.

"Tonight was a huge step forward for us," BYU coach Brad Cattermole said. "The kids came out and competed hard. They stayed with things mentally."

The Cougars started the meet off on a hot note as they sizzled to a season-best 49.050 on vault. Freshman Megan Donehue started off by tying a career-best 9.650. Kiki Berrett and Danielle Goldman landed 9.725 and 9.750 scores, respectively, and Jenna Kerbis also notched a 9.750. Alethea Boon led the way for BYU with a 9.925, the second-highest score of her career. Teammate Dayna Smart was close behind with a career-tying mark of 9.900.

A trio of 9.825 scores from McKell Poulson, Aimee Walker Pond and Kylee Draper on bars kept the Cougar fire going in the second rotation as they notched a season-high 48.975. The mark notched new career highs for both Poulson and Walker Pond. For Draper it was her first meet back after sitting out the last seven to injury. Boon, competing on the event for the first time in her collegiate career, swung her way to a career-best 9.800. Freshman Melissa Hough matched her career-high 9.700. OSU's Mandi Rodriguez took first place honors with a 9.875.

"Kylee (Draper) and (Alethea) Boon did a great job on bars," Cattermole said of the two co-captain's efforts. "They are very strong mentally."

Despite a few wobbles on the beam, BYU still turned a good performance on the event. Smart, the 11th ranked beam worker in the nation, led the way with a first-place 9.850. Boon recorded a solid 9.750, while Hayley Jensen nailed a career-high 9.700. Lisa Willis chipped in a strong performance at 9.725.

Smart also led the Cougars on floor with a career-best 9.875. She was followed by a pair of solid 9.750s from Willis and Boon. USU's Meagan Lewis tied Smart for first place on the event.

Competing in the all-around for the first time in her collegiate career, Boon recorded a strong 39.225 to come in third place. The Beavers' Rodriguez took first with a 39.300. The Aggies' Jessica Parenti-Otte was close behind in second place with a 39.275.

BYU was without the services of standout Kacie Capra-Callens Friday night. The senior sat the meet out with a foot injury. She is expected back next weekend.

The Cougars will be back in action next Friday when they travel to Denver, Colo. for a triangular meet with the University of Denver and California.

Women's Gymnastics Meet Results

Host: BYU Cougars

Meet: OSU Beavers, USU Aggies @ BYU Cougars 20070309 March 9, 2007

Location: Smith Fieldhouse BYU Provo UT 84602 Home Meet

Contents: Event Results Team Results

Vault Team Standing

Uneven Parallel Bars BYU Cougars

Balance Beam Oregon State

Floor Exercise USU Aggies

All Around Judge List


Team Standing Top

Place Team Score

1 Oregon State 195.375

2 BYU Cougars 195.125

3 USU Aggies 194.675


BYU Cougars Home

Head Coach: Brad CATTERMOLE Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

Kiki BERRETT 9.725 9.575

Alethea BOON 9.925 9.800 9.750 9.750 39.225

Megan DONEHUE 9.650

Kylee DRAPER 9.825

Kaylee GALLUP 9.575

Danielle GOLDMAN 9.750 9.525

Melissa HOUGH 9.700

Hayley JENSEN 9.700

Jenna KERBIS 9.750 9.600

Heidi POULSON 9.450

Mckell POULSON 9.825

Dayna SMART 9.900 9.850 9.875

Aimee WALKER-POND 9.825

Lisa WILLIS 9.700 9.725 9.750

Team Totals 49.050 48.975 48.625 48.475 195.125


Oregon State

Head Coach: Tanya Chaplin Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

Kera Bolen 9.750

Courtney Dennison 9.750

Megan Devencenzi 9.775 9.750

Jami Lanz 9.825 9.825 9.300 9.800 38.750

D'Anna Piro 9.650

Tasha Smith 9.900 9.825 9.200 9.800 38.725

Laura-Ann CHONG 9.775 9.675

Yuki LAMB 9.850 9.800

Keegan FITZGERALD 8.725

Brooke BARCLAY 9.725 9.775

Mandi RODRIGUEZ 9.850 9.875 9.725 9.850 39.300

Team Totals 49.200 48.950 48.225 49.000 195.375


USU Aggies

Head Coach: Ray Corn Top

Gymnast Vault Bars Beam Floor AllArr

Ashley BARR 9.700 8.250

Nicki FELLEY 9.525 9.750 9.825

Meagan LEWIS 9.800 9.700 9.675 9.875 39.050

Devin MARKLE 9.750 9.700 9.675 9.775 38.900

Alex MARTIN 9.725

Katie OMMAN 9.825 9.450

Jessica PARENTI-OTTE 9.825 9.825 9.800 9.825 39.275

Megan TSCHIDA 9.825

Heather HEINRICH 9.800 9.250 9.750

Team Totals 49.000 48.700 47.850 49.125 194.675


Vault Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Alethea BOON BYU Cougars 9.925

2 Dayna SMART BYU Cougars 9.900

2 Tasha Smith Oregon State 9.900

4 Yuki LAMB Oregon State 9.850

4 Mandi RODRIGUEZ Oregon State 9.850

6 Katie OMMAN USU Aggies 9.825

6 Jessica PARENTI-OTTE USU Aggies 9.825

6 Jami Lanz Oregon State 9.825

9 Meagan LEWIS USU Aggies 9.800

9 Heather HEINRICH USU Aggies 9.800

11 Megan Devencenzi Oregon State 9.775

12 Danielle GOLDMAN BYU Cougars 9.750

12 Jenna KERBIS BYU Cougars 9.750

12 Devin MARKLE USU Aggies 9.750

15 Kiki BERRETT BYU Cougars 9.725

15 Brooke BARCLAY Oregon State 9.725

17 Megan DONEHUE BYU Cougars 9.650

18 Nicki FELLEY USU Aggies 9.525


Uneven Parallel Bars Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Mandi RODRIGUEZ Oregon State 9.875

2 Mckell POULSON BYU Cougars 9.825

2 Aimee WALKER-POND BYU Cougars 9.825

2 Kylee DRAPER BYU Cougars 9.825

2 Jessica PARENTI-OTTE USU Aggies 9.825

2 Tasha Smith Oregon State 9.825

2 Jami Lanz Oregon State 9.825

8 Alethea BOON BYU Cougars 9.800

9 Laura-Ann CHONG Oregon State 9.775

10 Nicki FELLEY USU Aggies 9.750

11 Alex MARTIN USU Aggies 9.725

12 Lisa WILLIS BYU Cougars 9.700

12 Melissa HOUGH BYU Cougars 9.700

12 Devin MARKLE USU Aggies 9.700

12 Ashley BARR USU Aggies 9.700

12 Meagan LEWIS USU Aggies 9.700

17 D'Anna Piro Oregon State 9.650

18 Keegan FITZGERALD Oregon State 8.725


Balance Beam Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Dayna SMART BYU Cougars 9.850

2 Jessica PARENTI-OTTE USU Aggies 9.800

3 Brooke BARCLAY Oregon State 9.775

4 Alethea BOON BYU Cougars 9.750

4 Courtney Dennison Oregon State 9.750

6 Lisa WILLIS BYU Cougars 9.725

6 Mandi RODRIGUEZ Oregon State 9.725

8 Hayley JENSEN BYU Cougars 9.700

9 Devin MARKLE USU Aggies 9.675

9 Meagan LEWIS USU Aggies 9.675

9 Laura-Ann CHONG Oregon State 9.675

12 Jenna KERBIS BYU Cougars 9.600

13 Kaylee GALLUP BYU Cougars 9.575

14 Katie OMMAN USU Aggies 9.450

15 Jami Lanz Oregon State 9.300

16 Heather HEINRICH USU Aggies 9.250

17 Tasha Smith Oregon State 9.200

18 Ashley BARR USU Aggies 8.250


Floor Exercise Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Dayna SMART BYU Cougars 9.875

1 Meagan LEWIS USU Aggies 9.875

3 Mandi RODRIGUEZ Oregon State 9.850

4 Jessica PARENTI-OTTE USU Aggies 9.825

4 Nicki FELLEY USU Aggies 9.825

4 Megan TSCHIDA USU Aggies 9.825

7 Yuki LAMB Oregon State 9.800

7 Jami Lanz Oregon State 9.800

7 Tasha Smith Oregon State 9.800

10 Devin MARKLE USU Aggies 9.775

11 Lisa WILLIS BYU Cougars 9.750

11 Alethea BOON BYU Cougars 9.750

11 Heather HEINRICH USU Aggies 9.750

11 Megan Devencenzi Oregon State 9.750

11 Kera Bolen Oregon State 9.750

16 Kiki BERRETT BYU Cougars 9.575

17 Danielle GOLDMAN BYU Cougars 9.525

18 Heidi POULSON BYU Cougars 9.450


All Around Results Top

Place Gymnast Team Score

1 Mandi RODRIGUEZ Oregon State 39.300

2 Jessica PARENTI-OTTE USU Aggies 39.275

3 Alethea BOON BYU Cougars 39.225

4 Meagan LEWIS USU Aggies 39.050

5 Devin MARKLE USU Aggies 38.900

6 Jami Lanz Oregon State 38.750

7 Tasha Smith Oregon State 38.725


Meet Judges Top


Judge 1 Jenna KARADBIL-LEAVITT National

Judge 2 Pat BRYANT Level 10

Uneven Parallel Bars

Judge 1 Tina PAULOS National

Judge 2 Donna NICHOLSON Level 10

Balance Beam

Judge 1 Charity GREENE National

Judge 2 Teresa BOUDREAUX Level 10

Floor Exercise

Judge 1 Cathy BENNION National

Judge 2 Laurie BALERUD Level 10


Anonymous | Posted: 6 Mar 2007 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Tough Tri-Meet Competition Awaits Cougars


PROVO -- Coming off their best performances of the season on vault and floor last week, the Cougar gymnasts are looking to carry that momentum into Friday's triangular meet with No. 10 Oregon State and in-state foe Utah State.

"We are going to have to have a really good meet with these teams here," BYU coach Brad Cattermole said. "This is one of those weeks when people need to really step up. It is that time of year where you have to really hit your routines."

BYU is ranked No. 29 in the latest Gym. Info rankings released by Troester Consulting Monday morning. Of the four teams in the state, only No. 7 Utah is ranked higher. The Cougars hold a Regional Qualifying Score (RQS) of 194.065. BYU's beam squad checks in with a No. 10 ranking, and Dayna Smart is the leading beam worker in the state with a No. 11 ranking.

Last week the Cougar freshmen came through with some big performances to help the team to season-bests 48.900 on vault and 48.975 on floor. First-year performers Kiki Berrett, Danielle Goldman, Jenna Kerbis and Heidi Poulson all recorded career-high marks on one of the two events. Smart took first-place honors on all four apparatuses on her way to a 39.500 outing in the all-around.

OSU comes into this weekend's meet on the cusp of three-straight meets of 196.000 or better. The Beavers posted a 196.475 last weekend in Boise, Idaho. OSU has ranked in the top 20 each of the last 10 years and has four NCAA Nationals appearances in that span. The Beavers are coached by Tanya Chaplin and are led by All-American Tasha Smith along with Jami Lanz and Mandi Rodriguez.

The Aggies boast an RQS of 193.350 and are coming off a 194.525 performance against Alaska-Anchorage. USU has posted a season-best 195.675. The Aggies are led by all-arounder Jessica Parenti-Otte, Katy Schilla and Meagan Lewis.

BYU will be without the services of senior standout Kacie Capra-Callens, who is out this week with an ankle injury. The Cougars will welcome the return of top bars performer Kylee Draper back from a foot injury.

Start time is set for 7 p.m. at the Smith Fieldhouse. Live stats will be available on the women's gymnastics homepage on