Jan 16 | 07:00 PM
1st - 196.275
Brigham Young University
2nd - 193.525
Boise State University
Anonymous | Posted: 17 Jan 2004 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Cougars Claim Their First Victory of the Season


BOISE -- The BYU gymnastics team chalked up its first victory, beating Boise State, 196.275 to 193.525, on Friday night at the BSU Pavillion.

BYU saw solid performances from its seniors. Kari Lords came in first in the floor exercise (9.950) and balance beam (9.950) and tied for second in the uneven bars (9.800). Teammate Brogan Jacobsen took first in the uneven bars (9.900).

Junior Jaime Mabray gave a determined peformance for the Cougars, taking first place in the all-around (38.950). Mabray's scores earned her second place in the vault (9.875), the balance beam (9.875) and the floor exercise (9.900).

The Cougars also saw strong performances from Kirsten Pauga in the vault and on beam, Trisha Ashton on vault, Kandis Kelly on beam, and Marie-Hyyy´lyyy´ne Claveau in the floor exercise.

BYU head coach Brad Cattermole said the difference in performance from last week at Kentucky was a matter of focus.

"They got up there and competed," Cattermole said. "That's what it's all about."

This meet was a confidence builder for the Cougars. The team had a great overall attitude and showed a unified, focused spirit. As a result, the team was calmer and more aggressive in their performance. Cattermole said their performances more accurately reflected the Cougars' practices.

However, the beam routines could have been stronger, Cattermole said.

"A lot depends on the warm up, we're still making mistakes. We still have a long way to go, but overall I'm very pleased."

The Cougars' next meet is a home meet against the U of U on Friday, January 23, in the Marriott Center at 7:00 p.m.

Team Results

BYU 196.275

Boise State 193.525

Individual Results


1. Jaime Mabray (BYU) 38.950

2. Carla Chambers (Boise State) 38.625

3. Kea Cuaresma (Boise State) 38.575

Vault: (BYU 49.075; Boise State 49.000)

1. Carla Chambers (Boise State) 9.900

2. Tie: Kirsten Pauga (BYU); Jaime Mabray (BYU) 9.875

4. Tie: Trisha Ashton (BYU); Kea Cuaresma (Boise State) 9.825

Other BYU scores:



Anonymous | Posted: 14 Jan 2004 | Updated: 28 Apr 2011

PROVO, Utah (January 13) -- On the coat tails of its own season opener against Kentucky, the BYU gymnastics team heads to Boise State to open the Bronco's season this Friday at 7:00 p.m.

"Boise State is always a good place to compete, especially this early in the season," said BYU coach Brad Cattermole.

Cattermole said this meet should be a confidence builder for the Cougars. The Boise judges award high scores to routines done well and the large crowds make performing more exciting for the team.

"With so many LDS families living in the area, we get our fair share of cheerleaders," Cattermole said.

Cattermole said he's pleased with the team's progress and hard work.

"We've been ready for about a month now. The girls have gotten comfortable in their routines."

The Cougars had some difficulty keeping focused at the Kentucky meet. The team was more concerned with making mistakes than with attacking routines. However, Cattermole said he saw positive results from the meet.

Much of the team's strength this season will lie in its attitude.

"At Kentucky, everyone had a chance to get mad or cranky, but they didn't. They stayed supportive of each other," said Coach Cattermole. "A coach couldn't ask for anything better."