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bbivings | Posted: 14 Mar 2014 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Suder, Farabee reach finals in Zones


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Divers Nicholas Suder and Bryce Farabee of BYU reached the finals in the Zone E Diving Championships at the Air Force Academy this weekend.

“Overall we definitely didn’t dive to our full potential, but some good things happened for us in competition,” BYU head diving coach Keith Russell said. “Nic was a finalist in both events and freshman Bryce was the only other one that was a finalist. They needed to be a little more intense and engaged in this competition but I think we learned a lot.”

After qualifying in 17th place in preliminaries (303.10), Suder placed 17th in the finals with a score of 613.20 points in the men’s 3-meter. He qualified 17th again in the 1-meter (286.85) and then took 13th in the 1-meter with 608.50 points.

Farabee qualified 16th in the 1-meter preliminaries (288.70) and placed 18th in the finals with a score of 571.05 points in his first appearance at Zone Championships.

“He’s (Farabee) going on a mission, but he will be a star in the future for us and become one of the better divers,” Russell said. “He definitely will be one of the ones we depend on in the future.”

In the men’s 3-meter, Cougars Matt Hopper and Farabee placed 25th (277.25) and 26th (272.85) in the preliminaries, respectively.

In the women’s 1-meter competition, BYU senior Raleigh Williams Taylor placed 25th (247.60) in the preliminaries while teammate Mackenzie Rands placed 52nd (200.25). In the 3-meter, Taylor placed 44th (218.95) while Rands placed 50th (211.85).

“Raleigh she did some of the best dives she’s ever done in this competition,” Russell said. “She should go out with a great happiness and gratitude and remember the good things that happened. That’s what I’ll remember from today, three of her best dives came today and that was a great accomplishment for her.”

The Cougar divers failed to advance to the NCAA Diving Championships later this month, so for BYU this concludes the 2013-2014 diving season.



bbivings | Posted: 12 Mar 2014 | Updated: 8 Nov 2020

Five Cougars head to Zone E Diving Championships


PROVO, Utah – Five BYU divers qualified for the 2014 Zone E Diving Championships taking place this Thursday through Saturday at the Air Force Academy’s Cadet Natatorium in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Nicholas Suder, Matt Hopper and Bryce Farabee compete for the men and Mackenzie Rands and Raleigh Williams Taylor compete for the women in hopes of qualifying for the NCAA Diving Championships.

Suder, Hopper and Taylor return to zones after competing in 2013 for BYU. Last year, Suder reached the finals in the 1-meter (14th with 605.75 points) and 3-meter (14th with 635.90) competitions and Taylor in the 1-meter (18th with 511.85 points).

Thursday’s events begin with the women’s 1-meter preliminaries at 11 a.m. and finals at 2 p.m. The men’s 3-meter will follow with preliminaries at 5 p.m and finals at 6:45 p.m. Friday’s events are held in the same fashion with the women’s 3-meter and the men’s 1-meter.

The platform event is on Saturday with the women’s preliminaries at 11 a.m. and finals at 12:50 p.m. The men’s preliminaries begin at 2:50 p.m. and finals at 4:20 p.m. Also on Saturday, eight men and women will be announced as NCAA qualifiers.

For a full event schedule, a list of participating schools and live results check Check back on the men’s home page for results following the meet.