Fui Vakapuna
Student Success and Inclusion Counselor
(801) 422-1745
SAB 360


  • Provide academic counseling to student-athletes
  • Work with minority student-athlete initiatives
  • Liaison with campus Office of Student Success and Inclusion
  • Career planning


  • Graduated with Bachelors of Science in Sociology from BYU in 2009
  • Graduated from East High School
  • Played football for BYU 2006-2009

Years at BYU

  • 2013-Present
  • Student Athlete 2006-08

Prior to BYU

  • East High School

Career Highlights

  • Staff and Admin employee recognition award
  • Student Success and Inclusion Committee
  • Senior Leadership Council Committee
  • Honor Code Committee


  • Married to Leonne Hunkin Vakapuna and are parents to three beautiful kids
  • Played for Highland Rugby and was named U.S.A M.V.P in the National Championship in 2002
  • Seventh-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft by the Cincinnati Bengals after completing his football career at BYU as a running back
  • Served an LDS mission to Carlsbad, California
  • Native of Glendale
  • Enjoys playing golf and chess
BYU Hall of Fame