National Success

With 18 top-20 finishes since 2000 for the BYU men's cross country team, the Cougar distance squad continues to be a strong force among the nation's elite. Domination at the conference level has only been part of the success of Eyestone’s team of talented runners. In the 2006 season, senior Josh Rohatinsky did what only his coach had done at BYU before: He brought home the National Champion title.

Coach Ed Eyestone

The team benefits from the outstanding coaching skills of two-time Olympian Ed Eyestone. Eyestone’s ability to mold already gifted athletes into national powerhouses has developed BYU’s reputation as one of the top distance schools nationwide. The Cougars have qualified for Nationals every year since Eyestone’s arrival in 2000. The 2019 men's cross country national championship is a culmination of the stellar contributions of past athletes, current athletes and a staff that spends countless hours preparing BYU to compete at the highest level each season.

Professional Runners from BYU

Upon graduation, many of the nation’s elite are offered endorsements to continue their running at a professional level. BYU has had several athletes currently compete professionally following their BYU careers:

Clayton Young
Josh McAdams
Kyle Perry
Josh Rohatinsky
Miles Batty
Jared Ward


2016 Jared Ward Marathon (sixth)
2008 Josh McAdams 3,000m Steeple
2000 Jason Pyrah 1,500m (10th)
1996 Jason Pyrah 1,500m
1992 Ed Eyestone Marathon
1988 Henry Marsh 3,000m Steeple
1988 Doug Padilla 5,000m
1988 Ed Eyestone Marathon
1984 Paul Cummings 10,000m
1984 Henry Marsh 3,000m Steeple
1984 Doug Padilla 5,000m
1980 Henry Marsh 3,000m Steeple
1976 Henry Marsh 3,000m Steeple (10th)
1976 Lasse Viren Marathon (5th)
1976 Lasse Viren 5,000m (1st)
1976 Lasse Viren 10,000m (1st)
1976 Laman Palma Marathon
1972 Lasse Viren 5,000m (1st)
1972 Lasse Viren 10,000m (1st)
1972 Pekka Vasala 1,500m (1st)
1972 Usuia Sotutu 5,000m Steeple
1972 Usuia Sotutu 3,000m Steeple
1948 Clarence Robison 5,000m