U.S. Air Force Academy
Feb 04 | 01:45 PM
Brigham Young University
USAFA Cadet Natatorium

2169 Field House Dr. Colorado Springs CO 80840

Lauren Bosco | Posted: 4 Feb 2021 | Updated: 19 Feb 2021
Lauren Bosco

Day one of AFA Diving Invitational

Day one of the AFA Diving Invitational

COLORADO SPRINGS - During the first day of the AFA Diving Invitational, three BYU divers made it to the final rounds.

Adia London placed fifth in the Women 3-meter Championship while Morgan Paul placed sixth out of 30 divers. In addition, Kaylie Jackson took second in the 3-meter consolation finals with a score of 243.95.

From the men's team, Mickey Strauss reached second place with a total score of 338.90 in the 1-meter championship. Whereas Cody Dressen placed third in the 1-meter consolation finals with a score of 260.75.

Women's 3M Championship

  • Adia London - 234.30 - 5th
  • Morgan Paul - 233.65 - 6th

Men's 1M Championship

  • Mickey Strauss - 338.90 - 2nd

On Friday, the women will compete in the 1-meter prelims during which the men will compete in the 3-meter. The women's finals will be held from 6-6:30 p.m. MT, and directly after the men's finals will be held from 7-7:30 p.m. MT. All the events can be livestreamed on the Air Force Falcons YouTube channel. 


Lauren Bosco | Posted: 3 Feb 2021 | Updated: 6 Feb 2021
Lauren Bosco

BYU Dive team anticipates AFA Invitational

BYU dive team gets ready for AFA Invitational

PROVO, Utah - The BYU dive team is headed to Colorado this weekend for the AFA Diving Invitational from Feb. 4-6. The tournament will consist of a standard, prelim, consolation and final round for each dive. There are 30 individuals competing in the women's 3-meter, 30 in the women's 1-meter, 25 in the women's platform, 20 in men's 1-meter, 20 in men's 3-meter and 16 in the men's platform. Each day will be livestreamed on the Air Force YouTube channel.

The schedule is as follows:


  • 10-11:30 AM - Women's 1M Prelims
  • 11:45 AM-12:15 PM - Women's 1M Consolations 
  • 1:45-2:45 PM - Men's 1M Prelims
  • 3-3:30 PM - Men's 1M Consolations
  • 6-6:30 PM - Women's 3M Finals
  • 7-7:30 PM - Men's 1M Finals


  • 10-11:30 AM - Women's 3M Prelims
  • 11:45 AM-12:15 PM - Women's 3M Consolations 
  • 1:45-2:45 PM - Men's 3M Prelims
  • 3-3:30 PM - Men's 3M Consolations
  • 6-6:30 PM - Women's 1M Finals
  • 7-7:30 PM - Men's 3M Finals


  • 10-11 AM - Women's Platform Prelims
  • 11:15-11:45 AM - Women's Platform Finals
  • 1:15-2:15 PM - Men's Platform Prelims
  • 3-3:30 PM - Men's Platform Finals

After the AFA Invitational, the BYU divers will look forward to the MPSF Conference Championship at California Polytechnic State University from Feb. 16-17.